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Month: July 2016

Angry Farmers: Reigate 2016

Crop circles aren’t enjoyable for everyone. The Croppie feels for the farmers whose land is targeted by the circle making force. On this occasion it’s the farmers on Reigate Hill, Surrey, who have been upset by the recent appearance of the ‘grey alien’ circle. Heaven help us if there is a national biscuit and bread shortage! Surrey Mirror ‘Crop circle’ causes ‘hundreds of pounds’ worth of damage to Reigate farmland By Caitlin Webb ¬†| ¬†Posted: July 22, 2016 A ‘crop circle’ on Reigate Hill has caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage according to a farmer who works on...

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Interview: Ian Mrzyglod

Ian Mrzyglod is little known among contemporary croppies, even though he occupies one of the noteworthy roles in their history, leading the first ever investigation into the appearance of crop circles. As a member of regional UFO group PROBE, Mrzyglod visited two small, simple circles close to the Wiltshire town of Westbury during August 1980. His subsequent investigations would take him to tornado expert Terence Meaden, seeking views as to whether whirlwinds could have caused the ground markings. Ian kindly agreed to be The Croppie‘s first interviewee through the power of Facebook Messenger… Can you tell The Croppie a...

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2016 Circles: West Kennett Longbarrow II

Reported close to the beautiful West Kennett Longbarrow (28 July), and in full view of Silbury Hill, this eight pointed star had an all too brief lifespan. Early visitors were chased from the circle by a very unhappy farmer who later returned to harvest the formation. Fortunately, Frank Laumen (see top photograph) and the Crop Circle Connector visited in time to take some beautiful photos of this formation. There are also some gorgeous ground shots of the wonderful detail inside the circle, all taken by Annamieke Witteveen: The Croppie was unsurprised to learn that Andrew Pyrka and his Crop...

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2016 Circles: Reigate Hill, Reigate

How The Croppie sighed when he first saw images of this Grey alien at Reigate, Surrey. ‘Ol’ Marc Almond Eyes’ is a motif that has been done to death and nothing comes close to the Crabwood ‘Alien Pizza Delivery Boy’ of 2002. However, it should be said that this slightly more sinister Grey has been beautifully laid down. Reported on 19 July. Make of it what you will. Top photograph by the Crop Circle...

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