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Month: July 2016

2016 Circles: New Hall, Sutton

Do you long for the days when the Crop Circle Wisdom site would come out with headlines such as ‘Now the Amateurs Are Having A Go’? Such tabloid bluster would be appropriate for this poor little circle that was reported from New Hall, near Sutton, Essex on 18 July. Photograph by Aerial Videos R...

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2016 Circles: The Forests Way, Roydon 

The Crop Circle Connector was alerted to this mysterious crop circle near Roydon, Essex, on 24 July. On 27 July, the Crop Circle Connector was made aware of an addition to the formation: Essex has had a few formations over the past five years, although details on them has proven sketchy to...

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2016 Circles: Ranscomb Bottom, Calstone Wellington

On the morning of 23rd July, Wiltshire’s ‘central area’ received a formation of a size not seen in recent years. It’s massive! Whilst size isn’t everything, the five fold geometry in this circle is expertly constructed. Regrettably, the farmer isn’t allowing visitors to this immense crop circle. To get an eyeful you’ll either have to settle for these photographs or make the steep climb to the monument on top of Cherhill Down. Top photograph by Mr Gyro. Good to see him back on the...

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2016 Circles: Figsbury Ring Hoax

Miaow! The question just has to be ‘why?’ Why make a cat themed crop circle that resembles a door knocker? Why then advertise you’ve made it on your Clandestine Esoterical Mysterious Universe group to strip it of any magic it once possessed? Why play dumb games of ‘guess where it was made?’ with your readers? What are you trying to prove? Make your crop circle then shut up.  For the record, Figsbury Ring is close to the Wiltshire village of Firsdown. The hoax was publicised on 22 July. Top photograph by Mr...

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