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Month: July 2016

2016 Circles: East Field II

Josh Carson loves nothing better than a crop circle on his land, the latest appearing on 22nd July. True to form, Mr Carson soon had the blades lowered to cut out this old school design. And who can blame him? The Carson family’s land has been blighted by circles pretty much every year since 1990. When they are accompanied by mocking circle makers who like to boast about what they’ve made, you can understand why the combines are treated to an early runout. As a consequence, this authorless circle has fallen victim to the past misdeeds of others. Top...

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2016 Circles: Burderop Down

Burderop Down, underneath Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, has been barren of decent crop circles in recent years. This latest stinker was reported on 22 July. The Croppie’s associates at Crop Circle Nirvana have observed the initials of a well known circle maker appear within the outer two rings. This may be nothing more than coincidence, especially as they would have to be totally undignified to be associated with a mess as horrendous as this. Photograph by the Crop Circle...

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2016 Circles: Hackpen Hill II

It’s weird what some people can see in a crop circle. The one that arrived under Hackpen Hill on 16 July has attracted some interesting interpretations. Some have commented it’s a commission paid for by car manufacturer Mitsubishi as it contains their logo in the centre! The Croppie is reminded of the transparent vector craft in the old Elite space trading and piracy game. It’s certainly very different from the types of circles we’ve become used to in recent years. At ground level it possesses some surprises as  well. The crop seems to be an unfamiliar variety of awn...

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2016 Circles: Wilton Windmill

Beautiful Wilton Windmill is once again the main landscape feature close to a new crop circle. The unusual heart type formation was reported on 15 July. All photographs on this page courtesy of the Crop Circle Connector. Wilton Windmill Wilton Windmill was built in 1821 after the new Kennet and Avon canal had been built. This canal was built over and through the site of some local watermills and the pumps providing the water for the canal also lowered the river levels so that the remaining watermills were no longer viable. The mill was in operation for 100 years,...

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