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Month: February 2017

1983: Cheesefoot Head Quintuplet

A circle surrounded by a ring, upon which four equally spaced satellites are positioned. This is, of course, a description of the quintuplet, one of the crop circle phenomenon’s most iconic styles. Circles researcher Pat Delgado (pictured, above) chronicled his visit to what could well be the first ever quintuplet in October 1983’s edition of Flying Saucer Review (vol. 29, no. 1). As with his encounter with three circles at the same site in 1981, Delgado suggests the origin of the quintuplet is paranormal; ‘some force unknown to us’. Delgado’s article is reproduced below....

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Doug Bower Talk

Legendary crop circle mastermind Doug Bower features in this video made by film-maker John Macnish. Supported by skeptic Ken Brown, Doug explains how he was behind the modern phenomenon. Recorded at Nafferton Hall, Marlborough, Wiltshire, in July...

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