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Month: April 2017

2017 Circles: Oliver’s Castle, Devizes

Reported: 24 April 2017 Location: Oliver’s Castle, Devizes, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Hugh Newman Another rapeseed crop circle in Wiltshire, this large one sitting atop Oliver’s Castle near Roundway, Devizes. There is no need to offer any more of a description … the circle speaks for...

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2017 Circles: Waden Hill, Avebury

Reported: 22 April, 2017 Location: Waden Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector Avebury is the heart of crop circle country. A cube and six petals rest on the village facing slope of Waden Hill, an ancient round barrow cemetery that sits between the henge and Silbury Hill. Some fantastic formations have appeared on the hill in recent years and they always generate equally beautiful photographs, none more so than when the area is awash with the yellow of oil seed...

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2017 Circles: Tarlton Down, Gloucestershire

Reported: Tuesday 18 April 2017 Location: Tarlton Down, near Coates, Cirencester, Gloucestershire Lead photograph by Mr Gyro. This wee circle or four is typical of what has appeared in Gloucestershire over the past few years. The Crop Circle Connector observes there are no broken stems in the formation, yet fails to mention it’s because they have not yet turned brittle. Expect to see the plants to make some level of recovery. If The Croppie was feeling cynical he would recall the wise words of someone he once met. Namely, ‘only an idiot pisses close to their own...

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2017 Circles: Cherhill White Horse

Reported: 16 April, 2017 Location: Cherhill White Horse, Cherhill, near Calne, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Charles Mallett/Silent Circle Cherhill White Horse With oil seed rape fields plentiful in Wiltshire, and some now in pungent full bloom, it was only a matter of time before the first crop circle of the season was found. Charles Mallett of the Silent Circle seems to have been first to enter this formation underneath the Cherhill White Horse. He’s not impressed: The pattern is approximately 250ft in overall length and sits within a depression in the field. This spot has had dozens of crop-circles...

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Rupert Sheldrake on Circle Making

1992 was the first year post-Doug and Dave’s circle making confessions. The king of morphic resonance, controversial biologist Rupert Sheldrake, discusses crop circles and circle making with Ralph Abraham and drug-philosopher Terence McKenna. Recorded at the Esalan Institute, California, in August 1992. Video found via The Croppie‘s friends at Crop Circle...

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