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Month: June 2017

Rue the Whirl

‘Sometimes it takes several years for some truths to emerge’, writes Crop Circle Wisdom in regard to a post on the Twoism forum about crop circles, the circle makers formerly known as Team Satan and the band Boards of Canada. (If you’re unfamiliar with Boards of Canada, they’re an electronic duo from the far north of Scotland with a love of trippy sounds and snippets from old information films.) According to the writer Tucktonia on Twoism, Team Satan were responsible for two circles that appeared in 2010; one at Fosbury and the other in Warwickshire. Tucktonia comes to his...

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The Fake Photos of Paul Smith

The Crop Circle Connector recently accused photographer Steve Alexander of using his graphic design skills to fake formations and report them as genuine. Now it’s happened again, albeit with the Connector seemingly having egg over their faces. The image below is from Alexander’s Temporary Temples page on Facebook: In his accompanying comments, Alexander notes someone called Paul Smith has taken to a Facebook page run by the Connector to confess their graphic design skills. Smith apparently speaks on behalf of circle makers fed up of seeing their work exploited. Hmm. Smith writes: I have a confession the image being...

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2017 Circles: Woolstone Hill, Woolstone

Reported: 4 June, 2017 Location: Woolstone Hill, near Ashway, Oxfordshire Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector Another formation in barley … and the first of the year in Oxfordshire, a county that has been relatively circle free in recent years. True to form, it’s not too far from the Uffington White Horse. The Croppie appreciates the abundance of standing...

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2017 Circles: The Sanctuary

Reported: 3 June, 2017 Location: The Sanctuary, Overton Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector For the second time in as many years, a simple ringed circle has been found close to the ancient stone and timber circle at The Sanctuary on Overton Hill. Are there echoes of the monument’s...

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Top of the Croppies: June 2017

So what have the croppies been up to so far this crop circle season? Here’s a look at some who have been attracting attention of the best, worst and most curious kind… Monique Klinkenbergh Despite growing rumours that the legendary Barge Inn (widely recognised as the pub to visit if you’re a croppie) is set to close, it will host circles researcher Monique Klinkenbergh’s Crop Circle Exhibition between 15 July and 13 August. An ideal feature during peak crop circles time. It’s good to see that certain people seem to realise croppiedom needs the likes of Monique more than...

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