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Month: July 2017

Amateur and Professional Makers

One of the recurrent themes running through the pages of Crop Circle Wisdom is that of ‘amateur’ and ‘professional’ circle makers. It has inspired such headlines as ‘amateurs rejoicing as their art work receives attention’, ‘now the amateurs are having a go!’ and ‘Wiltshire will become a target by newbie amateurs’. Reading these attention grabbers you may think there is something to them, but things are very different. By definition, a professional is someone who gets paid for their work. In this respect, and on the rare occasions they are putting down commissioned, paid-for work, a circle maker will...

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2017 Circles: Cardington, Bedfordshire

Less of a crop circle and more of a smudge — a tiny crop circle was reported to the Crop Circle Connector on 21 July 2017. It is/was on Greensand Ridge Walk, a public bridleway near the Befordshire villages of Cardington and Old Warden. Blink and you’ll miss...

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2017 Circles: Climping Beach, Atherington

Reported:¬†19 July 2017 Location:¬†Atherington, West Sussex Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector Crop circles next to the sea are near enough unheard of … but two in one season? The first was in Cornwall and now this collection of rings and circles with standing centres has been found in West Sussex, between the towns of Middleton-on-Sea and Littlehampton. The Croppie especially likes the woven central...

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2017 Circles: Cley Hill, Warminster

Reported: 18 July 2017 Location: Cley Hill, Warminster, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Steve Alexander A circle that doesn’t need much more than one or two sentences as introduction: The merkaba features in this large and beautifully minimal formation underneath circles-heavy Cley Hill, near Warminster, in...

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Drones Lead Mythical Circles Surge

Further to Wiltshire Police’s recent press release targeting circle makers, the Telegraph has published a piece exploring the constabulary’s ‘crackdown on farm vandals’. The article leads with the premise ‘a recent surge in crop circles is being caused by drone users who upload their aerial footage on social media’. This is incorrect. There is no surge in crop circle numbers. Since 2011 the number of crop circles made in England has experienced a significant drop. That year, 63 formations made their way onto the Crop Circle Connector‘s pages. To date, 23 crop circles have been reported in England during...

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