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Author: The Croppie

Defame Your Idols

Photograph by Nick Bull Photography On 23 July a door-like circle appeared at Gurston Ashes near Fovant in Wiltshire. Word quickly spread that the formation was a tribute to the late Doug Bower, widely recognised as the artistic brain behind the crop circle phenomenon. Less than two months on, the plan of that circle has been posted on Facebook, killing the tribute (if that is indeed what it was). In August Dr Robert Irving delivered the eulogy at Bower’s funeral. It contained some interesting words that contemporary circle makers, often so quick to stake their authorship, should consider. A big...

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Huff, Puff and Blow the House Down

The Croppie doesn’t out circle makers, but here is why it pays not to out yourself by claiming the copyright of hoaxed crop circles. The farmers won’t be happy, you might end up in trouble, and you end up having to threaten to bring the house down to cover your back. Lead photograph by Steve Alexander/Temporary Temples. Reproduced with...

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Intellectual Property?

Here’s an interesting first. The Croppie has never shied away from declaring some crop circles to be hoaxes. (Read here to see the criteria The Croppie uses to define what a hoax is.) One of these was this year’s pretty formation at Muncombe Hill, near Kingweston in Somerset. According to one particular Facebook poster, the maker behind the Muncombe Hill circle has requested that photographer Steve Alexander ‘remove all of my land art from your [Facebook] page, instead of using them to perpetuate false information*, then please start with your profile picture, and associated drawings. Many thanks, your fund...

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A person with an interest in the crop circle phenomenon. Such individuals may be of varying belief, sanity and intelligence.

The Croppie:
The name of a little known website that was launched in 2015 to cover all aspects of croppiedom. At the end of the year ownership of the site changed hands.