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Author: The Croppie

The Doug & Dave Conspiracy

After Doug Bower (above) and Dave Chorley lay claim to having been the original circle makers, the world of croppiedom recoiled with mixed emotions. Among the neigh-sayers was cerealogist George Wingfield. As an advisor to Flying Saucer Review he penned an analysis of the Doug and Dave story, one which would reveal his chase of metallurgists, rubber stamp manufacturers and secret informants within Whitehall. Scans of the article from FSR vol. 36 no.4 (winter 1991) are reproduced within the piece: CHRONICLES OF DECEPTION 2: THE DOUG ‘N’ DAVE SCAM In September 1991 just as the harvest was virtually complete...

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Do Rooks Make Crop Circles?

Veteran cerealogist Colin Andrews has offered an interesting take on the creation of at least one crop circle from 1994. It was created by blackbirds, so he says in a piece on his Facebook profile: It took around 60 individuals to make this simple circle. Rooks that is… They initially dive down and with their wings, bend a few plant heads over to pick out and eat the seed-heads. Once that process has been started, they bend them from the base while stood on the ground. They move around in approximate circles, progressing outwards and forming rough circles. It’s...

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If You Still Believe Ansty 2016 Was Genuine…

Far from being the source of ‘low level disinformation’ that Horace ‘Red Collie’ Drew has claimed The Croppie to be, these pages have always been of the belief that the 2016 formation at Ansty was a man-made enterprise on behalf of Mothership Glass. The proof is in the following footage captured by Matthew Williams: Will Horace be kind enough to offer a little apology? Or will he suggest the footage is the result of an excellent piece of digital manipulation, or maybe even an extensive Government exercise to reproduce the entire formation? Lead photograph by Mr...

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The Operation Blackbird Conspiracy

When Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado took on the roles of being the public face of 1990’s Operation Blackbird crop watch, neither had any idea as to the misfortune about to befall them. After just the second night of the surveillance operation, the pair became a national joke, duped by a clumsy hoax that Andrews had all but earlier proclaimed as genuine (I.E. made by an unknown force). It didn’t take long for talk of conspiracies to start doing the rounds: Andrews and Delgado had been set up! But just who was responsible for the Blackbird shenanigans? Was it...

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Doug & Dave: Addressing Inconsistencies

When Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, in Autumn 1991, claimed to having made the first crop circles, they were proclaimed by TODAY newspaper to be the ‘Men Who Conned the World’. Since then their word has been accepted as the truth by many who would consider themselves to be rational, sceptically minded individuals. Indeed, there are books such as Rob Irving and John Lundberg’s The Field Guide, John Macnish’s Cropcircle Apocalypse and Jim Schabel’s Round In Circles which are largely sympathetic to the late Bower and Chorley’s case. However, having collated various interviews from various source materials involving Bower...

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A person with an interest in the crop circle phenomenon. Such individuals may be of varying belief, sanity and intelligence.

The Croppie:
The Croppie was established in 2015 to cover all aspects of the crop circle phenomenon occurring across Britain. This includes new formations, circles history, conspiracies and related culture.

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