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Books: The Paranormal Aspects of Crop Circles – Deciphering the Alien Code

The Paranormal Aspects of Crop Circles — Deciphering the Alien Code By Pane Andov Lulu (2019) — WITHDRAWN FROM SALE A weighty tome, and a poor one. The first thing that needs to be said about this book is its massive infringement of copyright. It features hundreds of photographs, none of which are captioned or credited, and none of which are used with permission. Sorry, Mr Andov, a ‘fair use’ notice at the front of the book doesn’t cut it. Indeed, I understand that one of the offended parties has complained to Amazon (since the book is self-published through...

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The Truth Shall Set 2020 Free

China’s FAVOURITE crop artist has VOWED it’s ‘PAYBACK TIME’ after laying out his SENSATIONAL INTENTIONS for the New Year in a BRAVE NEW MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE. Speaking live to his MASSES OF ADORING FANS, Somerset’s LEADING CELEBRITY circle maker delivered a STUNNING SMACKDOWN to anyone who would dare photograph his work without permission: ‘My main aim of 2020 is to bring the truth,’ he started, reaffirming his SOLEMN COMMITMENT to STAND UP FOR LAW AND ORDER. ‘This year you will only see crop circles that are made by teams to be flown by people to continue the mystery. ‘None...

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Back in the Playground

The FESTIVE WORLD of croppiedom has been DEVASTATED by the SHOCKING NEWS that online circles investigator Jack Jane is, apparently, at least according to the Crop Circles Exposed Facebook backwater, a Candian croppie you’ve never heard of. Yes, YOU READ IT HERE: someone you probably didn’t know existed has been outed as someone else you probably didn’t know existed. But who, exactly, has outed whom? From what has been published, it seems the persona has been traced by what is believed to be her IP address. It resolves in part of an extremely large conurbation, not massively far from...

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…Every Minute

A self-styled CIRCLES JIHADI is THREATENING to bring TERROR to MERRIE ENGLAND by SHOOTING two croppies he believes to be BLACKMAILING circle making LEGEND and VISIONARY Dene. Janez Ferjancic, a devotee of the late Benjamin Creme and his CRANKY Share International organisation, issued his SPINE CHILLING WARNING to croppies Steve Alexander and Trystan Lewis Swale through the pages of his INCREASINGLY WARPED Crop Circle Challenge Facebook page. In a public announcement HEAVILY ARMED Ferjancic, who recently said he was PREPARING FOR WAR, announced ‘I have evidence that SA and TLS have been blackmailing Dene. ‘Their attitude is beyond the...

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One Born…

Circle makers, photographers and money rakers BEWARE! One half of the brains behind the SENSATIONAL Crop Circle Challenge is set to wage WORLD WAR III on Steve and Karen Alexander, the crop circle RICH LIST TOPPERS, in a planned exposé for the Daily Mail. Slovenian croppie Janez Ferjancic, who recently HIT THE HEADLINES following a BITTER TWITTER SPAT with COMEDY SUPERSTAR Ricky Gervais, RETURNS TO THE SPOTLIGHT to unleash STAGGERING ALLEGATIONS that will have GLOBAL REPURCUSSIONS for the Alexanders: The Alexanders are on SPEAKING TERMS with known CIRCLE HOAXERS. Steve Alexander has been TIPPED OFF about new formations by...

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A person with an interest in the crop circle phenomenon. Such individuals may be of varying belief, sanity and intelligence.

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