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777, Buckley and Black Helicopters

Lead photograph by Steve Alexander ‘It was very intimidating,’ explained circle researcher Charles Mallett of the helicopter that had descended to within 50 feet of him inside the 777 formation on 10 July 2007, ‘but I knew whoever was flying was not going to crash that expensive machine into the East Field and was not going to start strafing with bullets along that peaceful English farmland of Wiltshire.’ Charles can always be relied upon for an oddly worded but weirdly elegant quote, but these words from a telephone interview with journalist Linda Moulton Howe would set the scene for...

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777: Conspiracy, Con or Just Crap?

A Note on Sources Almost immediately after this article went online The Croppie has been contacted by former users of the now defunct Crop Circle Connector forum. They have been extremely informative in relaying some of the information discussed on the 777 event that have been erased from the public record. These observations certainly make one question how much some of the main players knew. Rather than rewrite the article, The Croppie has decided to place their observations in red. Moving on… Croppie lore is packed with stories of monumental events being prematurely celebrated. The East Field Aum circle...

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