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2018 Season: Keysley Down, Chicklade, Wiltshire

Reported: 10 June 2018 Location: Keysley Down, Chicklade, Wiltshire Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector As well as having one of the best poultry themed names in Britain, the village of Chicklade has become reasonably popular as a site for the appearance of crop circles. The Croppie loves this rather understated circle and its placement in the landscape. Furthermore, check out this excellent photo from the Crop Circle...

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The Great Hackpen Media Blackout

What’s a crop circle season without a good conspiracy theory? Last year it was a photographer supposedly submitting hoaxed crop circle reports to the Crop Circle Connector. For 2018 we have the folks at Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ alleging not just a media blackout surrounding the recent formation at Hackpen Hill, but a ‘MEDIA BLACKOUT’! Capital letters and all! Here’s the tale: THE HACKPEN HILL MEDIA BLACKOUT The new arrival of not the usual standard of quality designs has been stamped into a field of barley at Hackpen Hill. A regular annual event where Paul Jacobs from the CGI Group...

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2018 Season: Hackpen Hill, Broad Hinton, Wiltshire

Reported: 9 June 2018 Location: Hackpen Hill, near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector This imperfect oddity was discovered at circles hotspot Hackpen Hill in barley. It has echoes of last season’s Rollright Stones circle, albeit the latter being rather more flawless. Farmer James Hussey had asked that nobody attempt to enter the field until access could be arranged through Paul Jacobs’ charity collection initiative. However, when The Croppie passed by someone had seen fit to haul the sign down.  ...

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Crop Circle Hauntology

Croppies who lived through the eighties and into the early 1990s may well remember how basic the circles were back then. The phenomenon was followed by an ever-increasing media presence as the press and television sought to cover the mystery for their own ends. Nippon Televison and the BBC’s big moment was 1990’s Operation Blackbird at Bratton Camp. Attempts to film a circle being made quickly descended into embarrassment. Just recall cerealogist Colin Andrews’ backtracking after he had all but proclaimed a few scrappy rings and wonky lines in wheat to be ‘of great significance’. The footage that survives...

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2018 Season: Ackling Dyke Hoax

Reported: 4 June 2018 Location: Ackling Dyke, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector We’ve been here before on numerous occasions. One particular circle maker who can’t keep quiet about what he’s made close to home. On this occasion he wasn’t even able to keep quiet before he went out into the field. It’s a shame as this is a beautiful circle … now on the hoax pile. The Croppie hopes the Facebook likes were worth...

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