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Dear Croppie: Six Lessons to Take From the Crop Circle Phenomenon

The Croppie is regularly approached by its readers for information on crop circles, how to get personally involved with the phenomenon and the identities of the ‘best’ people to know. And after a while the discussion will almost always shift to the issue of how the circles appear and where they come from. The Croppie has given up on getting too involved in these conversations, but believes there are six key pieces of knowledge that everyone should take on board before entering the fields in whatever role they wish: 1. You get involved with crop circles by turning up...

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Croppie Gossip: 15 April 2020

Croppiedom has been without a bitter true-believer turned revenge seeker for a few years. But no longer. Step forward Hamish Jacobs, a man who hasn’t ever set foot in a crop circle but clearly knows it all … and then some. Hamish has a mission. From the other side of the world he wants to see ‘openness and transparency’ amongst those involved in the creation and promotion of the circles phenomenon. (Next he’ll be heading out to watch a crop circle being made at Chisbury Chapel or using Photoshop to pencil in aliens on images of crop circles.) Blah...

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Croppie Gossip: 2 February 2020

Jack Jane Gets Her Eviction Orders Arrogant crop circle troll and author Joanna ‘Jack Jane’ Emery has been permanently ejected from Circle Chasers after falling headlong into a trap laid by members of a secretive croppie society. Following a recent proclamation of support for the Canadian slug by half-arsed Circle Chasers owner and ‘friend’ Mark ‘Fusty’ Fussell, Emery ramped up her attempts to upset and victimise posters. Safe in the knowledge cowardly Fussell would ban anyone revealing Emery’s real identity, the warped children’s writer had come to believe herself to be untouchable. Fortunately, behind the scenes, a mysterious organisation...

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Croppie Gossip: 25 January 2021

Liar Liar, Ego On Fire The new season is still a good three months away at best and Team Ten Watt can’t cope without attention. Their glorious leader Dene Hine has taken to Facebook to claim ownership as the ‘designer and maker’ of crop circles that most certainly were not and never will be his. To use a fair analogy it’s like being a footballer who claims to have netted a sensational goal simply because he was on the pitch at the same time someone else scored it. This isn’t the first time KFC munching Dene has gone down...

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Croppie Gossip: 5 January 2021

All of the short form buzz from behind the scenes of croppiedom. And what a crappy week to start with… Respect Is A Two Way Street The Croppie recently received an email from cerealogist Joanna Emery requesting her name was removed from one specific article in connection to Facebook troll-pig Jack Jane. The Croppie initially played along but requested, in return, an apology from her fanboy Peter King; this is the peculiar individual who harrassed a circles-unconnected relative of one of The Croppie‘s writers. The Croppie suggested to Emery that she perhaps reach out to the individuals on Facebook...

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Enzo’s UFO Shocks The World And Brings Out The Trolls

Laurence ‘Enzo’ Brabazon, one of the very hottest newcomers on the croppie scene, has stunned both cerealogy and ufology with convincing, apparently genuine footage of his contact with unidentified flying objects. However, for his efforts, Enzo has become the latest victim of thoughtless online trolls, one of which is notorious circle makers’ groupie Robin Knight. Electric Red Craft On 29th December Brabazon, a leading contender in 2020’s Top of the Croppies rundown, posted the video on social media. It shows ‘a small white orb spot[ting]’ Brabazon’s camera before sending ‘a message to [a] ship in the clouds’ with both...

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Dear Croppie: Who is Robbert van den Broeke?

Not a month goes by without The Croppie being asked why an individual named Robbert van den Broeke isn’t covered in these pages. The answer isn’t complicated: The Croppie is primarily concerned with the British circles scene. Nonetheless, to fill that void on RvdB and to share things that really must be said, here’s a general lowdown on one of croppiedom’s weirdest and most dubious characters: Who is Robbert van den Broeke? Robbert, born May 1980, is a supposedly psychic medium and minor domestic celebrity from Hoeven in the region of North Brabant, The Netherlands. That’s the official line,...

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Top of the Croppies 2020

With England under Covid-19 lockdown it seemed, for a while at least, that the 2020 crop circle season may never get underway. Thankfully, after a bit of a wait, some circles did slowly begin to appear. Along with the formations came the croppies including researchers, alien scat collectors, old school enthusiasts and self-proclaimed artists after nothing but fame. In a now annual roundup of both the best and worst people to have been found in the fields, let’s see who is Top of the Croppies 2020. Since writing this piece, The Croppie has been made aware that the first...

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