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Author: The Croppie

Books: Crooked Soley – A Crop Circle Revelation

Crooked Soley — A Crop Circle Revelation By Allan Brown and John Michell Facsimilie Edition, Squeeze Press (2017) – £6.99 Lead photograph by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples On a late August night in 2002, an extraordinary crop circle appeared close to the West Berkshire hamlet of Crooked Soley. The disjointed arcs of 72 circles crossed within a space defined by two simple rings. The majority of the resulting latticework was flattened, leaving behind something resembling a circular, infinitely repeating strand of DNA. The formation was consumed by the summer harvest in hours, but contained startling messages in the...

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The New School of Cerealogy

Since Terence Meaden’s discredited plasma-vortex theory disappeared into the ether and two Hampshire men claimed to have started making crop circles in the 1970s, cerealogy has remained a fairly steady ship. On one hand there are the sceptics who dismiss all crop circles as the product of human trickery. On the other are those who believe a supernatural power, possibly extraterrestrial or Earth-centred, creates a proportion of the circles. Having recently reviewed Zen Rabbit’s Holistic Guide to Crop Circles, The Croppie considers Rob Buckle’s book to mark the overdue literary arrival of an increasingly noisy brand of crop circle...

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Books: CROP CIRCLES Signs of Intelligence

CROP CIRCLES Signs of Intelligence: UFOs, Aliens and Close Encounters of the Second Kind By Francesco Grassi Kindle Edition (2016) – £4.07 If you don’t already know, Francesco Grassi is an Italian skeptic turned circle maker. When he chose to dabble with the stomper, he did so to prove that humans can create impressive pieces in a field of wheat. Whereas others through the years have turned to covert circle-making or walked away, Grassi treads an unusual path through the fields. He makes circles with permission, says nothing and watches as his audience gets excited. Then he confesses and...

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Books: Zen Rabbit’s Holistic Guide to Crop Circles

Zen Rabbit’s Holistic Guide to Crop Circles: A Journey of Revelation By Rob Buckle Kindle Edition (2017) – £3.99 Many a crop circle by the A4 at West Kennett has attracted a cerealogical prophet. I sometimes wonder if there is an underground colony of them. Perhaps there is; Rob Buckle’s Zen Rabbit is the latest in a string of these characters, sharing his his view of how it is with a one-man audience known as The Seeker. But let’s do away with the corny Truth Movement type role play; the bunny is merely sharing Buckle’s own perspectives with an...

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