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Old Crop Circles – Is There A Case For Their Existence?

Nobody is truly certain where and when the very first crop circle was discovered. Whatever locations and dates one may choose to place on a starting point is relative to an individual’s perception as to what constitutes evidence of a truly distinct phenomenon. For example, during the latter half of the 1930s Sussex Archaeological Society published an account by Eliot Cecil Curwen which told of ‘curious circles … see[n] in a field of barley’ from Bow Hill, near Stoughton, during 1932. An accompanying photograph shows a distinct ring in a nearby field, of which Curwen wrote ‘When viewed on...

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Sold to the Farmer at the Back

Maybe land artist Dene has reason to be concerned? The pixels hadn’t even settled on the Top of the Croppies 2019 piece when a new installment of the Matthew Williams versus Dene soap opera dropped onto YouTube. Still smarting from having been betrayed by his former friend and missing out on £1500 to produce a crop circle for Chinese television, Williams says he’s going to auction off footage of Dene illegally making ‘crop circle’. The Croppie knows what you’re thinking… Will he? Won’t he? Does the footage even exist? Was it of Ansty which was all above board? Or...

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Top of the Croppies 2019

As the miserably windy, wet and cold autumn nights take hold, The Croppie has taken the time to recognise those names who have made an otherwise uneventful crop circle season something to write home about. Yes, it’s Top of the Croppies 2019 and, as you can probably guess, those involved in the Chinese TV affair all but make a clean sweep… Colin Andrews Perhaps book sales are down or he just wanted to appear relevant, but veteran croppie Colin Andrews emerged from the shadows to fire a broadside at retired circle maker Rob Irving whose past work deceived Native...

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That Awkward July Night…

July seems such a long time ago. A terribly slow month for circles was enlivened by the antics of YouTube ‘star’ Matthew Williams as he set to disrupting the attempts of land-artist-cum-circles-hoaxer Dene and a Chinese television crew to lay down a small formation for croppie Monique Klinkenbergh. Filled with the peril of farmer Tim Carson refusing to let Williams step foot on his land and the drama of the land artist selling out Williams for £1500, it was a tale of double-dealing, firework throwing, dog-marrying and live-streamed ranting. (You can read the full recap here.) Just as The...

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2019 Circles: Grey Alien Hoax, Unknown Location

On 15 September photographer Nick Bull released footage of a ‘ghost’ formation at an unstated location. See for yourself: Joining the dots, this circle is almost certainly the one created by Matthew Williams and a former land artist friend of his to demonstrate their skills for a Chinese television company. In the subsequent days the pair had something of a bust-up, leading to Williams’s spectacular ‘East Field Armageddon’ meltdown. The Croppie had heard that the formation was supposed to be of an archetypal grey alien head. Indeed, this certainly seems to be the case, yet the misshapen eyes render...

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