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Author: The Croppie

A Night of Crop Circling, 2017

Roland Beljon has posted videos from the Night of Crop Circling event he ran at the Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes in early August 2017. Here are four of the best! James Hussey Circles friendly farmer James Hussey outlines his own encounters with crop circles. He goes on to highlight the Brighter Futures charity and the fantastic work it does for people with cancer in the Swindon area. Michael Glickman Venom, bile, spittle, calls for certain folk to be cast out … it must be time for Michael Glickman! Note:The person referred to with regard to the Bythorn Mandala is...

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Top of the Croppies: August 2017

What have the good folk of the crop circle community been up to of late? Here’s The Croppie’s favourites of the moment… Michael Glickman Word reached The Croppie that architect-cum-geometer-cum-controversial croppie Michael Glickman spoke at the Night of Crop Circling event this month with a quite extraordinary lecture. You know, the one he always gives, raging against human circle makers and encouraging croppies everywhere to ‘shun’ these ‘louts’. He wasn’t finished there, stamping upon the ‘idiots’ who listen to circle makers, and spitting venom at anyone who doesn’t know the difference between Πr2 and 2Πr. Finally, and just before this...

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2017 Circles: Sutton Hall, Rochford, Essex

Reported: 17 August Location: Sutton Hall, Rochford, Essex Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector The harvest continues to roll in, but there may still be time for one or two late season crop circles. Three formations were reported from Essex in the south east of England during 2016, but this new arrival is just the first of 2017. Unsurprisingly, much attention has been paid on social media to what seems to be a message in the formation’s ‘tail’. If you can’t work it out, don’t worry — maybe there is no meaning — just enjoy this fantastic photograph:...

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The 2017 Crop Circle ‘Scam’

A lot has been said by Wiltshire Police in 2017 about the antics of people photographing crop circles with drones. A recent piece on Farmers Weekly (below) stated the police had told the Klindts, farmers at Hannington, Wiltshire, that the circle on the land they manage was a ‘scam’. For whatever reason, the police seem to think these drone pilots are working in conjunction with circle makers. Once the circle has been laid down, the drone pilots are on the scene to get their images and, later, sell them. With a little research, Wiltshire Police would discover they are...

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2017 Circles: Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire

Reported: 28 May 2017 Location: Monarch’s Way, Green Lane Bridge, Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector There have been disappointingly few circles to have been reported from Warwickshire over the past few years. However, this small, sweet and sunny little thing was recently photographed near the village of Wooton...

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