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Video: A Night of Crop Circling 2019

Yup, it’s another batch of videos from those evenings when croppies descended on the Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, for a Night of Crop Circling. As ever, Roland Beljon’s 1999 event included its fair share of wacky weirdness, droners and interesting opinions. Good for Kathy Mingo for having the balls to stand up and talk crop circle synchronicity, chakra points and ascension. Robert Zwemmer on the meaning of crop circles through the Urantia book. No, The¬†Croppie has no idea either. Frank Stadermann talks crop circles and, umm, orbs. Really, in 2019 there is still at least one person who believes...

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Video: A Night of Crop Circling 2018

Long overdue in being shared on The Croppie, here are the videos from Roland Beljon’s Night of Crop Circling at the Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes from 1 July 2018. Nancy Polet talks ‘Crop Circles and Transformation’. Ooh! Nina Elshof talks about her own experiences and the weirdness attached to the ‘swallows’ formation in South Field, 2008. Well worth watching. It’s Jack Jane, sorry, Joanna Emery talking offering her Canadian perspective on crop circles. A full year before she was up on the slopes of Woodborough Hill with known hoaxers, Monique Klinkenbergh presented this jolly snapshot of her Crop Circle...

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Video: 1991 Japanese TV Special

You don’t need to be able to speak Japanese to enjoy this wonderful piece of history from the crop circle frontline of 1991. Features Terence Meaden, Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki and, most bizarrely of all, a made-for-television crop circle inside a television...

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Books: The Paranormal Aspects of Crop Circles – Deciphering the Alien Code

The Paranormal Aspects of Crop Circles — Deciphering the Alien Code By Pane Andov Lulu (2019) — WITHDRAWN FROM SALE A weighty tome, and a poor one. The first thing that needs to be said about this book is its massive infringement of copyright. It features hundreds of photographs, none of which are captioned or credited, and none of which are used with permission. Sorry, Mr Andov, a ‘fair use’ notice at the front of the book doesn’t cut it. Indeed, I understand that one of the offended parties has complained to Amazon (since the book is self-published through...

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The Truth Shall Set 2020 Free

China’s FAVOURITE crop artist has VOWED it’s ‘PAYBACK TIME’ after laying out his SENSATIONAL INTENTIONS for the New Year in a BRAVE NEW MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE. Speaking live to his MASSES OF ADORING FANS, Somerset’s LEADING CELEBRITY circle maker delivered a STUNNING SMACKDOWN to anyone who would dare photograph his work without permission: ‘My main aim of 2020 is to bring the truth,’ he started, reaffirming his SOLEMN COMMITMENT to STAND UP FOR LAW AND ORDER. ‘This year you will only see crop circles that are made by teams to be flown by people to continue the mystery. ‘None...

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