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2019 Circles: Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire

Reported: 18 August 2019 Location: Uffington Castle, Nr Uffington, Oxfordshire Lead photograph by Ben Inman According to the Crop Circle Connector: Ben Inman stumbled on this circle last weekend – it was behind Uffington Castle by the Ridgeway. Ben took these 2 photos and commented –  “In a field of Barley it seemed to be a triangle with one of the sides curved surrounded by what looked like droplets.” — Unfortunately we were only informed today and and having checked it out the Barley fields around Uffington Castle have been harvested. Good to see something in Oxfordshire … it has been a...

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2019 Circles: Preston Candover, Hampshire

Reported: 11 August 2019 Location: Preston Candover, Hampshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull A quiet 2019 season draws to a close with a curious though attractive formation close to Basingstoke at Preston Candover, Hampshire. All photographs on this page by Nick...

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Andrews Gets Outraged

Crop circles go hand in hand with social media outrage, discord, social media outrage, bitchiness, social media outrage, jumping to conclusions, social media outrage and attempted public shaming. Oh, and social media OUTRAGE as well. Let’s not forget social media OUTRAGE either. Old school cerealogist Colin Andrews has become the latest to play the game by releasing an audio recording from 1996 in which he engages circle maker Rob Irving in discussion. Andrews ‘asks Irving what he thinks in his quieter moments about the implications of deceiving native elders from around the world’ by making crop circles. (In case...

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2019 Circles: Nuns Walk, Tufton, Hampshire

Reported: 4 August 2019 Location: Nuns Walk, Tufton, Nr Whitchurch, Hampshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull The 2019 wheat harvest is underway and an early victim — at least according to the video below by Hampshire Flyer — is this formation near Whitchurch. All photographs on this page by Nick...

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