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Author: The Croppie

2016 Circles: Danebury Ring, Nr Andover

The ancient hillfort of Danebury Ring, Hampshire has received its fair share of crop circles through the years. Sometime at the end of June, or maybe early July, it was host to this monstrosity. If this formation is not a deliberate mess, it seems someone is new to circle making. One imagines it’s wise to start experimenting in a less visible location. Oh well, it can only be upwards and onwards!...

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2016 Circles: Blackwood, Popham

The croppies of Wiltshire’s central area must be wondering what’s happening in 2016 as there is very little for them to appreciate. However, there is another crop circle in Hampshire! Reported 27 June, this flower of life based formation is at Blackwood near Popham. The Croppie isn’t a fan of such designs, but we appreciate this one for its excellent construction and placing in the landscape. Lead photograph by Temporary Temples / Steve Alexander....

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2016 Circles: White Sheet Hill Hoax

Another crop circle likely made by the same team responsible for the Ox Drove hoax this year. Once again, the circle’s appearance was accompanied by a riddle and photographs on Facebook. The circle was shouted about on 29 June. The Croppie can guess who is responsible but won’t give them the publicity they’re after....

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2016 Circles: Fulley Wood

Reported on 24 June, this stunning crop circle added to this year’s unexpectedly high crop circle tally in Hampshire. Interpreted by some on t’internet as a ‘vortex’, the formation was located on the edge of Fulley Wood near Tichborne in the Winchester area. The lead image is reproduced courtesy of the Crop Circle Connector. The Crop Circle Connector have also produced this fantastic video of the...

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2016 Circles: The Ridgeway Hoax

Since this article was published the purpose of this circle has become clear. Its maker decided to add his comments to this post, thereby killing the crop circle. It is now classified as a hoax. The Croppie really does not know what to make of the astonishing crop circle that was reported on 23 June near Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire. It has already taken a reasoned hammering elsewhere, but The Croppie took a chance on visiting the sharks that have made their home just off The Ridgeway. As with the wonky Inca bird, and, more enticingly, the ‘rose‘ that...

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