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2019 Circles: Cocum Farm, Barton Stacy, Hampshire

Reported: 28 July 2019 Location: Cocum Farm, Barton Stacy, Hampshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull barton stacy Meanwhile, in Hampshire… Please do not enter the field – the farmer has threatened to cut the circle out should people venture into the formation without his...

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Hexopus Conspiracy: Lies, Deceit and, umm, Misunderstanding

It’s an outrage! It’s a conspiracy! Well, no. Actually, it’s… Everyone’s favourite circle maker turned photographer has released a video claiming the Crop Circle Connector is trying to hide the location of the hoaxed ‘hexopus’ at Pepperbox Hill … never mind that the Crop Circle Connector has released full details of its location. You see, their page related to the hoaxed formation says it has been cut out by the farmer. Confusion seems to have arisen at the Connector‘s end after a well known crop circle researcher mistakenly told a member of the Connector‘s staff that the formation had...

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2019 Circles: Windwhistle Lane, West Grimstead Hoax

Reported: 23rd July 2019 Location: Windwhistle Lane, West Grimstead, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull Is this the circle that causes another meltdown in Market Lavington? A version of this circle — albeit with five appendages — appeared a few weeks back in an undisclosed location. Photographs were restricted to one individual who was attempting to rival the Crop Circle Connector with his own website featuring land art from a collective of artists. Less than seven days ago the Connector discovered the circle, or what little was left of it after the farmer had cut it out. Now, near...

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2019 Circles: Rodfield Lane, Tichborne, Hampshire

Reported: 16 July 2019 Location: Rodfield Lane, Nr Tichborne, Winchester, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull Away from all of the melodramatic silliness in Wiltshire, the neighbouring county of Hampshire has provided us with some wonderful crop circles in 2019. The farmer has requested that nobody visits this formation in maturing wheat....

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2019 Circles: Bratton Camp, Bratton, Wiltshire

Reported: 20 July 2019 Location: Bratton Camp, Bratton, Nr. Westbury, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull Crop circles have been appearing under Bratton Camp, near Westbury in Wiltshire since 1980. 2019’s addition (reported 20 July) is a spinning, spikey thing in a very dry, patchy and animal track strewn field of wheat. The Croppie did endeavour to visit this formation to capture some ground shots but the farmer has declared no public access. Word is, at time of posting, that this circle is to be cut out on the morning of 22...

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