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Author: The Croppie

2018 Circles: Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire

Reported: 13 August 2018 Location: Monarch’s Way, Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull This rather ragged, jagged and sorry looking clock possibly signifies that time is running out on the season. Bet the farmer wishes it already...

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2018 Circles: Mixon, Etchilhampton, Wiltshire

Reported: 10 August 2018 Location: Etchilhampton, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Steve Alexander / Temporary Temples etchilhampton There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of love for this large, beautiful formation at Etchilhampton. It’s hard to see why. The Croppie also loves this gorgeous early morning photograph from Nick...

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2018 Circles: Silbury Hill, Wiltshire

Reported: 27 July 2018 Location: Silbury Hill, nr Avebury, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Frank Laumen With the harvest well underway, the 2018 season is threatening to end (as many other recent seasons have) without any sort of crescendo. These three small circles appeared close to the layby at Silbury...

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Competition Time!

It’s competition time over on Facebook! One particular circle maker is looking to give away an ‘ear of wheat’ and ‘the original plans’ to a crop circle he hoaxed this summer. It’s easy to enter too. Even The Croppie is having a go, like all the other supposed amateur circle makers. So, what’s the deal? Like and share the post Oh, The Croppie is so sociable. What was your favourite formation of 2018? Do you really need to know? And what does it have to do with anything? Is this just a way, as has been put to The...

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The Croppie:
The Croppie was established in 2015 to cover all aspects of the crop circle phenomenon occurring across Britain. This includes new formations, circles history, conspiracies and related culture.

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