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Author: The Croppie

2017 Circles: Rollright Stones, Long Compton

Reported: 5 August 2017 Location: Rollright Stones, nr Long Compton, West Oxfordshire Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector They may appear elsewhere around the world, but at heart crop circles are wonderfully English. More of them appear on these shores than anywhere else and England is where they evolved into what they are today. So there’s something very poignant about turning up at the achingly beautiful Rollright Stones just as the Order of Cotswold Druids — and their guests, the Hemlock Mummers — are also arriving. They’re here for their¬†Lughnasadh (Lammas) celebration within the stone circle, whereas The...

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2017 Circles: Bydemill Copse, Hannington

Reported: 4 August 2017 Location: Bydemill Copse, Hannington, nr Highworth, Wiltshire Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector Great news! Further to completing this report, The Croppie has learned the farmer at Bydemill Copse has had a change of heart and decided to open up the crop circle to visitors. Admission is at ¬£2.00 per person. What’s this? A crop circle in Wiltshire? Surely not! After a lengthy, unheard of gap that began on 18th July, the circles have returned to the county with this archetypal formation. Unusually, it has appeared well away from the so-called ‘central area’ and...

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2017 Circles: Chitterne, Wiltshire

Reported: 2 August 2017 Location: Chitterne, Wiltshire Lead photograph: unknown chitterne Following a disappointingly quiet July for circles, August has begun with some intrigue. Steve Alexander shared an image of this new formation; a photo sent to him by an unnamed third party. Alexander accompanied it with some interesting comments suggesting the Crop Circle Connector decide what is and what isn’t a crop circle: Allegedly, someone is sending false information to the [Crop Circle Connector] to upset Julian [Gibsone] and Matthew Williams. This particular circle is supposed to be low on quality, and it seems the [Crop Circle Connector]...

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Amateur and Professional Makers

One of the recurrent themes running through the pages of Crop Circle Wisdom is that of ‘amateur’ and ‘professional’ circle makers. It has inspired such headlines as ‘amateurs rejoicing as their art work receives attention’, ‘now the amateurs are having a go!’ and ‘Wiltshire will become a target by newbie amateurs’. Reading these attention grabbers you may think there is something to them, but things are very different. By definition, a professional is someone who gets paid for their work. In this respect, and on the rare occasions they are putting down commissioned, paid-for work, a circle maker will...

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2017 Circles: Cardington, Bedfordshire

Less of a crop circle and more of a smudge — a tiny crop circle was reported to the Crop Circle Connector on 21 July 2017. It is/was on Greensand Ridge Walk, a public bridleway near the Befordshire villages of Cardington and Old Warden. Blink and you’ll miss...

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