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That Awkward July Night…

July seems such a long time ago. A terribly slow month for circles was enlivened by the antics of YouTube ‘star’ Matthew Williams as he set to disrupting the attempts of land-artist-cum-circles-hoaxer Dene and a Chinese television crew to lay down a small formation for croppie Monique Klinkenbergh. Filled with the peril of farmer Tim Carson refusing to let Williams step foot on his land and the drama of the land artist selling out Williams for £1500, it was a tale of double-dealing, firework throwing, dog-marrying and live-streamed ranting. (You can read the full recap here.) Just as The...

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2019 Circles: Grey Alien Hoax, Unknown Location

On 15 September photographer Nick Bull released footage of a ‘ghost’ formation at an unstated location. See for yourself: Joining the dots, this circle is almost certainly the one created by Matthew Williams and a former land artist friend of his to demonstrate their skills for a Chinese television company. In the subsequent days the pair had something of a bust-up, leading to Williams’s spectacular ‘East Field Armageddon’ meltdown. The Croppie had heard that the formation was supposed to be of an archetypal grey alien head. Indeed, this certainly seems to be the case, yet the misshapen eyes render...

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The circle making schism of 2019

It cannot be denied that 2019 has proven to be a very slow year for crop circles in England. The Crop Circle Connector reports just eighteen having been reported, of which only six appeared before the end of June. Of this latter figure, all were in barley, making 2019 the first season in a very long time without a circle in oilseed rape. Naturally, the question began to be asked: just where have all the crop circles gone? One answer that was touted and subsequently gained traction as a factoid concerns a supposed falling out between circle makers. Even...

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2019 Circles: Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire

Reported: 24 August 2019 Location: Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull The last of the season? This rather generic but not unattractive circle appeared in overripe wheat at Stanton St Bernard, just below and along the escarpment from the Alton Barnes White...

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2019 Circles: Etchilhampton Hill, Wiltshire

Reported: 20 August 2019 Location: Etchilhampton Hill, nr Devizes, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull It’s always good to visit a crop circle on the ground, especially on an August Bank Holiday and in Wiltshire as well. You can meet some wonderful people… Matt, Roberta, Freya and Maverick the dog were totally awesome and had travelled from Bristol to visit the Crop Circle Exhibition at Honeystreet before heading on to Etchilhampton Hill. Drum Lady had travelled from who knows where to sit in the circle, meditate, perform a ritual and politely (in such a wonderful, quiet, English manner) beat...

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