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The Best of 2015

From the ancient hillforts of the south west to the grain fields of Shakespeare’s county: a pictorial round up of the best crop circles England had to offer in 2015. Images courtesy of Mr Gyro and Temporary Temples. 30 May: Fox Ground Down, Dorset 30 May: Fox Ground Down, Blandford Forum, Dorest 9 June: Sherston, Wilts A beautiful spiral in a usually circle shy part of Wiltshire. 22 June: Uffcott, Wilts One of the season’s best, this gorgeous rose appeared in the shadow of Hackpen Hill. 6 July: Clearbury Ring, Wilts These crescents, rings and ‘swords’ appeared close to...

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Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth

‘Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth’ is a documentary produced by British conspiracy theorist Richard D. Hall. It features a few old chaps, a former West Bromwich Albion player and a lot of nonsense. I’m not selling this very well, but it’s worth watching for an insight into the paranoid...

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