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2016 Circles: Ansty Commission

A huge and undoubtedly inspiring formation appears on a farm at Ansty near Salisbury, Wiltshire, on 12 August. The farmer quickly charges a £5.00 admission fee (for charity) at his or her farm shop, whilst observant Facebook users note how the circle’s main motif is pretty much identical to the logo of a firm manufacturing dope smoking paraphernalia. Whilst this formation hasn’t yet been proven to be a commission, hoax or commercial exercise, it’s easy to see why some individuals have jumped to this conclusion. As for The Croppie, he is just a touch suspicious of what’s going on....

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2016 Circles: Etchilhampton 

With the ghostly shadows of last season’s two circles still in the field, a new circle was found at Etchilhampton on 8 August. At first glance the formation is a simple ringed circle, but closer inspection shows a complex floor lay reminiscent of those found in the same location, Hackpen Hill, Fox Hill and Cherington in the past three years. The centre also features a unicursal hexagram, a symbol with links to Alesteir Crowley’s Thelema mysticism. This circle seems to have provoked some curious reactions – – – or lack of. The farmer has kindly appealed to circle makers,...

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2016 Circles: Westbury White Horse, Bratton

The fields under the White Horse between Bratton and Westbury were once a crop circle hotspot. It was here that Doug and Dave made circles were spotted in 1980 and, ten years later, researchers Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado were duped during the infamous Operation Blackbird hoax. On 4 August the circles returned to the area through a pretty, petaled, cross-hatched ‘flower’ formation. From what The Croppie can ascertain from the photographs on this page (all courtesy of the Crop Circle Connector), the 2016 formation could well be in the same long field as the first 1980...

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2016 Circles: Sparticles Wood, Chaldon

A small but beautiful formation featuring squares inside a circle, reported on 5 August. Who says the only good crop circles are those which display mind-bending complexity? This formation speaks for itself. The Croppie was, as ever, amused to read the comments of Andrew Pyrka from the hilariously named Crop Circle Wisdom site. ‘Looks like 2016 has brought out many amateurs — just simply having a go,’ he wrote. The Croppie is eager to grasp how Pyrka knows this formation is made by ‘amateurs’. Perhaps he could also tell The Croppie  which circle makers are not amateur. This is...

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