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2016 Circles: Wilton Windmill

Beautiful Wilton Windmill is once again the main landscape feature close to a new crop circle. The unusual heart type formation was reported on 15 July. All photographs on this page courtesy of the Crop Circle Connector. Wilton Windmill Wilton Windmill was built in 1821 after the new Kennet and Avon canal had been built. This canal was built over and through the site of some local watermills and the pumps providing the water for the canal also lowered the river levels so that the remaining watermills were no longer viable. The mill was in operation for 100 years,...

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2016 Circles: Barrows Green Hoax

Best known for its industry, Rugby League club and being to the south east of Liverpool, the Lancashire town of Widnes is far to the north of the green, rolling landscapes of Hampshire and Wiltshire. On 7 July it became home to a crop circle. Unusually, the circle has been constructed in oats. The whole episode smells, crop circle included. The report to the Crop Circle Connector, made by Chris Pearson, suggests of someone trying too hard. Date/Time …. Thursday 7th July … about 2:00am Story:  Was woken in the early hours – it was dark – there was...

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2016 Circles: Twyford, Hampshire

Reported 11 July, this elegant ring appeared close to Twyford, Hampshire. It’s the latest in an unexpected glut of formations to have been grounded in the Winchester area. A close look at the photographs on this page (courtesy of Steve Alexander/Temporary Temples) reveals the formation is on top of a discoloured area of crop. This ground marking has inspired a little online debate, a few people suggesting it’s sat on the ‘ghost’ of an old crop circle. However, it’s actually the remains of a tumulus, confirmed by an Ordnance Survey map of the area from...

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2016 Circles: Stonehenge Hoax

The Clandestine Esoterical Mysterious Universe Facebook group has done it again, publishing photographs of a crop circle before it is reported. This latest ruined effort, reported on 7 July, was created opposite Stonehenge exactly twenty years after the legendary Julia Set appeared in the same spot. The Croppie wonders if it is meant to be some kind of tribute. At first glance it seems lovely, but once you look closer you can see it’s geometry is a little askew. Being harsh — as someone close to The Croppie undoubtedly is — it’s ‘like suggesting the Trabant P60 is a...

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1981: Cheesefoot Head Triplet

Ufology became aware of the crop circle phenomenon through the content of an article in Flying Saucer Review’s March 1982 edition. It was written by Pat Delgado, later to become one of the world’s best known cerealogists, and detailed his examination of three circles at Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire, in the summer of 1981. Scans accompanying the article appear directly below. They feature photographs and illustrations referred to in the text. CHEESEFOOT HEAD MYSTERY RINGS Pat Delgado It was on Wednesday, August 19th, 1981, that I first heard about the discovery of mysterious flattened rings in a cornfield at the...

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