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2016 Circles: Chilcomb Down

The Croppie finds something particularly magical when it comes to Hampshire crop circles. The county is the original home of the contemporary phenomenon and has a very different feel to Wiltshire. It’s hard to pin down why; perhaps it’s the landscape and the proximity of many circles to the beautiful, small city of Winchester. The Croppie was delighted on 21 June to learn of a formation appearing atop a vast wheat field on Chilcomb Down, close to Winchester Planetarium. The design consists of overlapping circles that bring bubbles to mind. Being a fan of straightforward geometric formations, The Croppie...

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2016 Circles: Ox Drove Hoax

A hoaxed crop circle. There’s nothing more unedifying than known circle makers teasing the world with the location of their work. Then again, that’s not strictly true. Equally as questionable are the administrators of Report A Crop Circle Formation accusing those same circle makers of producing the formation under the instructions of photographer Steve Alexander. (You know, just as The Croppie predicted before the start of the season.) The circle in question appeared at Ox Drove, Wylye in Wiltshire some time around 16 June and was publicised through the snappily titled Clandestine Esoterical Mysterious Universe Facebook group. Like a...

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2016 Circles: Silbury Hill, Phase 2

A change to the two-ringed ‘pokeball‘ circle at Silbury Hill was reported on 4 June by researcher Eva-Marie Brekkesto. The outer ring has grown petals on its outside, whilst a spritely five-pointed star has appeared on the inside. Being in the area the following day, The Croppie consumed a strong antihistamine and consigned himself to days of sneezing and conjunctivitis to make a brief visit and take some ground shots. Ten years I would have parked up in the Silbury Hill viewing area car park and swiftly encountered other crop circle enthusiasts. Today, though, I’m the only person there...

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2016: Castle Hill, Mere

A second circle in the space of a few days has been found near Mere, Wiltshire. It is the first of the season to have appeared in wheat. The beautiful photograph, above, is reproduced courtesy of Steve Alexander and Temporary Temples. I’ll make no other comment than to note it has been given a slating for being ‘wonky’ by former circle maker Matthew Williams on YouTube. For some of us it isn’t important how the crop circle got...

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2016 Circles: Willoughby Hedge

The first circle of the season to be found in wheat has been reported to the Crop Circle Connector. Found on 5th June 2016, it appeared at Willoughby Hedge, near Mere in the south of Wiltshire. The formation is exceptionally neat and built around two ten-pointed stars. All photographs on this page from the Crop Circle...

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