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The Strange Case of Crop Circles

Classic 1991 crop circle documentary from the phenomenon’s golden years. Produced by Juniper for Channel 4’s Equinox series. To enlarge each video, double click and select ‘full...

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Why Wouldn’t You? #2

Photographs of the beautiful Wiltshire landscape . . . who could resist the opportunity? These images have been taken by Steve Dewey whose name may be familiar to readers with an interest in the Warminster UFO phenomenon. He is the co-author of three books on the subject, including the excellent ‘In Alien Heat‘. All images are copyrighted by Steve Dewey. They are reproduced here with permission. Visit his Flickr page as I really don’t have enough good things to say about his...

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July 2014: Charlton Crop Circle

Northern Wiltshire town Malmesbury is hardly renown for its proximity to the crop circle phenomenon. Even so, the past few years have brought a few formations to its doorstep. On 8 July 2014 the nearby village of Charlton was visited by the circle makers on Tetbury Lane. The formation consisted of a ‘tripod of small triangles inside a broken triangle which in turn is surrounded by a broken circle.’ The circle is notable for the UFO sighting featured in 21 July’s Western Daily Press. The story states A woman says she has been left ‘freaked right out’ after she...

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Operation Blackbird

Some videos covering Operation Blackbird, the July 1990 cropwatch organised by the BBC and Japan’s Nippon Television. Based at Bratton Camp near Westbury in Wiltshire, the project’s volunteer staff were co-ordinated by the two most recognisable cereologists of the time: Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado. The first three videos are a retrospective examination of Operation Blackbird broadcast on the BBC’s ‘People Today’ programme. The BBC news report covering the hoax for which Operation Blackbird has become best known: Finally, two television reports featuring Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado during Operation Blackbird’s opening...

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June 2014: Besford Crop Circle

On 14 June 2014 a five pointed star and pentagon formation appeared on a hillside at Besford, in the southern midlands county of Worcestershire. Detail is shown in the featured image by Steve Alexander. It was the second circle in two years to have appeared in fields owned by farmer Edward Robinson, both just across the railway track from a radio telescope that forms part of Jodrell Bank’s MERLIN array. Robinson told the Worcester News the circle was ‘vandalism’ and claimed it had cost him £1,000 in lost crop. He also told the newspaper of the problems some croppies...

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