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2016 Circles: Reigate Hill, Reigate

How The Croppie sighed when he first saw images of this Grey alien at Reigate, Surrey. ‘Ol’ Marc Almond Eyes’ is a motif that has been done to death and nothing comes close to the Crabwood ‘Alien Pizza Delivery Boy’ of 2002. However, it should be said that this slightly more sinister Grey has been beautifully laid down. Reported on 19 July. Make of it what you will. Top photograph by the Crop Circle...

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2016 Circles: New Hall, Sutton

Do you long for the days when the Crop Circle Wisdom site would come out with headlines such as ‘Now the Amateurs Are Having A Go’? Such tabloid bluster would be appropriate for this poor little circle that was reported from New Hall, near Sutton, Essex on 18 July. Photograph by Aerial Videos R...

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2016 Circles: The Forests Way, Roydon 

The Crop Circle Connector was alerted to this mysterious crop circle near Roydon, Essex, on 24 July. On 27 July, the Crop Circle Connector was made aware of an addition to the formation: Essex has had a few formations over the past five years, although details on them has proven sketchy to...

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