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June 2014: Besford Crop Circle

On 14 June 2014 a five pointed star and pentagon formation appeared on a hillside at Besford, in the southern midlands county of Worcestershire. Detail is shown in the featured image by Steve Alexander. It was the second circle in two years to have appeared in fields owned by farmer Edward Robinson, both just across the railway track from a radio telescope that forms part of Jodrell Bank’s MERLIN array. Robinson told the Worcester News the circle was ‘vandalism’ and claimed it had cost him £1,000 in lost crop. He also told the newspaper of the problems some croppies...

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2016 Predictions

Recent crop circle history seems to have developed a habit of repeating itself. With this in mind The Croppie boldly predicts the following to occur between February and September 2016: Some very bad circles One thing that’s guaranteed: there will be some shocking crop circles. Everyone has to start somewhere, though, and this can be forgiven. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t make their way onto this site! Andrew Pyrka’s book to remain locked up We’ve been promised croppie Andrew Pyrka’s book for what must be around five years now. Initially titled ‘Interacting With the Crop Circle Phenomenon’, it...

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July 2014: Cherington Crop Circle

On 27 July 2014 the usually circles shy county of Gloucestershire received a crop circle with the craziest lay seen in more than a decade. At Parkes Hill Plantation, near the small village of Cherington, farmer Henry Arden was alerted to the circle by the presence of a helicopter. ‘I went up there and found the circle,’ Arden told the Daily Mail. ‘I didn’t really want hordes of people trampling over our finest milling wheat. I was so angry about it I was really rude to some people. However, I’ve grown to love it for various reasons.’ According to...

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Secret Circles

A 1989 BBC West documentary discussing the theories behind the crop circles. Broadcast during the phenomenon’s golden years this programme provides a genuine insight into the beliefs, doubts and assumptions made by croppies of the era. Features Professor Heinz Wolff of the cult Great Egg Race television show. Enlarge the videos by double clicking on them and selecting ‘full...

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