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2016 Circles: Willoughby Hedge

The first circle of the season to be found in wheat has been reported to the Crop Circle Connector. Found on 5th June 2016, it appeared at Willoughby Hedge, near Mere in the south of Wiltshire. The formation is exceptionally neat and built around two ten-pointed stars. All photographs on this page from the Crop Circle...

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2016 Circles: Silbury Hill

Another old-school formation in Wiltshire’s central area, this one in barley across the A4 from the iconic Silbury Hill. Always a popular location for circles to appear, 2016’s addition to the list arrived in the same field where, in 2009, a police officer claimed to have witnessed a group of tall humanoids ‘inspecting the crop‘. Perhaps The Croppie is busy sensing patterns that exist through nothing but coincidence, but the last three Wiltshire circles seem to follow a theme. The first, in East Field, was a simple circle; the second, at Green Street, Avebury, featured a simple circle surrounded...

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2016 Circles: East Field

A simple circle has appeared in oil seed rape at East Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire. Curiously, this circle was reported to the Crop Circle Connector on 11 May, but details were only published on the 21st. Perhaps this is down to the Connector‘s understandable caution around farmer Josh Carson, a man who has come to loathe the circles phenomenon — particularly when it appears in the fields he manages. The Croppie has procured some ground shots taken inside the circle, from the...

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2016 Circles: Hill Barn and Avebury

Late spring ushers in the first crop circles of the season and, more often than not, they first appear in the dense medium of oil seed rape plants. At time of writing two such circles have been reported, the first appearing at Hill Barn, close to East Kennett, Wiltshire (reported to the Crop Circle Connector on 6 May). The design features a pentagon inscribed within a circle, and five complementary satellites. The Croppie loves this photograph by the Crop Circle Connector showcasing the natural beauty of the landscape between Marlborough and Avebury. Another fantastic photo accompanies the second circle....

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Grant Wakefield’s cheeky look at the world of the croppies during the 1997 season; described by Fortean Times as a ‘sympathetic, engaging and often hilarious portrait of . . . the crop circle...

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