Recent crop circle history seems to have developed a habit of repeating itself. With this in mind The Croppie boldly predicts the following to occur between February and September 2016:

Some very bad circles

One thing that’s guaranteed: there will be some shocking crop circles. Everyone has to start somewhere, though, and this can be forgiven. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t make their way onto this site!

Andrew Pyrka’s book to remain locked up

We’ve been promised croppie Andrew Pyrka’s book for what must be around five years now. Initially titled ‘Interacting With the Crop Circle Phenomenon’, it morphed into ‘Interacting With the Spirit of the Crop Circle Phenomenon’ and now, quite possibly, something else.’ I bet it still doesn’t appear though! If it does, I’m not alone in hoping he’s got a good lawyer.

War to rage between Matthew Williams and Charles Mallett

What would summer be without former circle maker Matthew Williams and Silent Circle owner Charles Mallett having a dig at each other? Backed by a supporting cast they punch it out for their respective causes in a soap opera that just keeps giving. Mallett hates Williams’ role as a ‘hoaxer’, his assertion all crop circles are manmade, and his association with the Crop Circle Connector. Williams hates Mallett’s denial of ‘the facts’, face and criticism of human circle makers.

Farmers in the ‘central area’ to cut out crop circles

In early 2013 farmers from the Vale of Pewsey and Avebury areas decided to cut out crop circles appearing on their land.  It came as no real surprise, some of them have been hosting crop circles pretty much every year since 1990 or so. With the proceeds of honest boxes reported stolen on a number of occasions in the past, and with certain circle makers making no secret of what they’ve been up to, it’s no surprise the farmers have become fed up. The following video features farmer Josh Carson explaining things very well:

Scaremongering about the Crop Circle Access scheme

In principle the Crop Circle Access scheme was a good idea, a response to those Wiltshire farmers who planned to cut circles from their fields. Tourists would buy a pass to visit crop circles on the land of participating farmers. It came too late, attracted little support from farmers and had next to no effect, but rumour at Report A Crop Circle Formation persists it was this venture that encouraged farmers to get busy with their mowers. Dutch croppie and Crop Circle Access organiser Monique Klinkenbergh suffered some appalling xenophobic abuse as a consequence. Expect more of the same if she decides to revive the scheme.

Claims of a boycott

In 2014 it was said in some quarters that crop circle makers would not be producing anything in the central area of Wiltshire (the Avebury area and down into the Vale of Pewsey) as a protest against Monique Klinkenbergh’s Crop Circle Access venture. In 2015 it was claimed that no crop circles would be made anywhere in Wiltshire. Neither came to any form of statistical fruition. Chances are there will be more talk of boycotts, all largely ignored.

A screen capture that tells you all you need to know about a past 'boycott'.

A screen capture that tells you all you need to know about the 2015 ‘boycott’.

Report A Crop Circle Formation to be the centre of crop circle sensationalism

If you’re not familiar with Report A Crop Circle Formation then consider it to be a Facebook group akin to a very bad tabloid newspaper. All sorts of rumours, accusations, scandal and outlandish suggestions have vomited from its pages since 2010, many of which are silly, untrue or vindictive. Much of the content beats to the drum of a straightforward tune: ‘all crop circles are made by people and anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot’. (It’s extremely amusing to learn that it’s original theme was more ‘all crop circles, with the exception of some made by ‘hoaxers’, are constructed by aliens; anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot’.) Expect there to be some fun . . . unless you’re on the receiving end.

Drone related scare stories

Careful circle makers, you’re gonna get caught! The Wiltshire farmers, police and WI are all using unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor fields after dark. Apparently. Yet the circles continue to appear. Expect more of the same doom mongering in 2016, although a wildly speculative Inverse article has already called time on circle making thanks to those drones!

Steve Alexander accused of paying circle makers

Over at Report A Crop Circle Formation and the inaptly named, photographer Steve Alexander can do no right. It’s alleged he has paid at least one circle maker to construct formations for him. He’s got to fill his calendar y’know. Hmm.The Croppie considers this to be extremely unlikely. Just what sort of craziness would be unleashed if this were to be real and common knowledge? Alexander would potentially be open to prosecution, as would any circle maker who could be demonstrated to have been involved in such a transaction. Unfortunately, it’s another rumour that will probably be rekindled in 2016.