Found on 30 July, this beautiful sun manifested under Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire. It’s unusual given its standing centre, a feature best associated with the legendary Crooked Soley formation of 2002. This 2016 formation may be nowhere near as complicated or large as its cousin from fourteen years back, but it is certainly more elegant.


Photograph by Tom Keegan.


Photograph by the Crop Circle Connector

Cley Hill was, of course, known as a key skywatching location for visitors to Warminster who sought a glimpse of ‘The Thing’, a UFO said to haunt the skies above and around the town.

This staggering video from Matthew Williams reveals just how subtly the circle fits into its landscape:

Top photograph by the Crop Circle Connector.

Cley Hill crop circle, near Warminster.