Farmers Ben and Robin Butler are mightily upset about the ‘Hindu swastika’ formation that appeared on their land at Cooks Plantation, near Yatesbury, Wiltshire. They saw fit to get in touch with the Crop Circle Connector, threatening to destroy the formation if visitors enter the field.


The Croppie┬áis a little surprised as the farmers at Cooks Plantation have generally been tolerant of crop circles that have appeared there in the past; however, with the harvest well underway on neighbouring farms, the Butlers are probably frustrated to have been hit so late in the crop circle season. On a small point of order, it’s unlikely the police would have claimed ‘they are prepared to prosecute anyone entering the field for trespass’. Simple trespass is usually a matter for civil proceedings, not the criminal justice system.

Top photograph by the Crop Circle Connector.