With 2016’s wheat harvest all but entirely finished, it seems unlikely we will see any further circles in England this year. This means it is as good a time as any to look back at what The Croppie believes is the worst circle of the season; one so wretchedly bad it’s bemusing why anyone would make the effort to photograph it!

Photograph by the Crop Circle Connector.

Photograph by the Crop Circle Connector.

It was the folks from the Crop Circle Connector who ventured to Danebury Hill Fort, near Andover, Hampshire, to capture images of this monstrosity after it was reported on 30 June. Rather than be critical, let’s look at the positives of the formation.

One, the circles are good enough for the viewer to understand they are, most likely, meant to be circles.

Two, the formation is in a beautiful part of the country.

The Croppie did wonder if first time circle makers were responsible for the formation. The longer he has had to think about it, the more he suspects it was a deliberate ‘troll’ job.