Reported: 21 June 2017
Location: Broad Hinton, Wiltshire
Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector

Another crop circle that appears and is rapidly cut out by the farmer. It’s also another occurrence that embroils the Crop Circle Connector in controversy. If the observations of certain people are correct, it seems the Connector were on the scene exceptionally early to capture their images. However, this is just speculation.

Photograph by Crop Circle Connector

The circle itself was a small, basket weave type affair. Over at Crop Circle Wisdom there is the usual claim by the owner that he knows the person responsible for its construction. Maybe so, but with nothing more to go on it isn’t time to consign this formation to the hoax file just yet.

Photograph by Crop Circle Connector

Of much more interest is the remarkable piece of (what has been described to The Croppie as) ‘quasi-spiritual crop circle pornography’ that accompanies Crop Circle Wisdom’s observations. It’s really quite extraordinary and vivid:

As he walks along the tram line with one hand brushing the tips of the crop, [the circle maker’s] eyes slowly adjust to the darkness of the night and his ears begin to amplify  distant sounds – his senses begin to work overtime and his mind calculates every move which he will have to make on his own. He doesnt rush, his pace is normal as he knows the given time and the task before him and so he arrives at his strategically chosen spot – he lays down his minnimal amount of equipment and pauses for a moment to say a few words. He looks around him and towards the sky – he bows his head and whispers a few short words ‘ Spirit of this sacred land, protect me, shield me from human eyes, assist and guide me and I welcome the unknown to stand beside me ‘.

Like a well oiled machine he puts his plan into action – he drives a metal rod hard into the ground and he wont forget to fill the tell tale hole afterwards either  – he loops his tape measure around the rod and then walks backwards along the tram line until a desired marker is reached on his measuring tape. He makes sure the tape is tight before he begins side stepping around in a circular motion. He takes short and precise side steps as he knows this will create a sharp and crisp outline. He creates the center circle first ( the working center ) and then begins to work from inner circle to the most outer circle and any in between. Once he creates all the circular  outlines within  the main circle he begins the pattering process ( the flattening of the crop ).
Standing on the edge of the first and most inner circular construction line – he will side step along two to three steps ( depending on the size of the basket weave ) and then using a smaller plank he will flatten part of the crop outwards ( away from the inner working circle and towards the next in line circular construction line). The process is repeated until he arrives at the point he started. He then begins to flatten the crop in a circular and clockwise motion whilst overlapping the crop which has been flattened outwards and so on. He then repeats the entire  process again and again up until the mid way,  To achieve  his desired basket weave effect he then stops the process as so far described and then moves onto the most outer circular construction line and repeats the process again but this time he will add an extra side step and will flatten the first part of the basket weave towards the inner rather than the initial outer. Each circle maker will have his own technique so this basic explanation is a general guide and not neccessarily done this way in other formations…

Fantastic stuff!

On a serious point, if the maker of this crop circle is known, The Croppie has to ask why he has chosen to target this particular location. Until the last couple of years, the farmer working this location has been very friendly towards the circles and the visitors they attract. This changed in 2015 and since then any wheat formations have been quickly removed. Why wind him up further?