Reported: 1 July 2017
Location: Boreham Wood, near Lockeridge Wiltshire
Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector

Photograph by Crop Circle Connector

Harking back to the early season oil seed rape formation at Waden Hill, this cube and seven-petalled flower was found above the ‘melon’ (remember that?) T-junction between the Alton Barnes to Lockeridge road and that to East Kennett.

Also in the same field was a small, double ringed circle that looks to have been there for longer than its larger relative.

Photograph by Crop Circle Connector

Some ground shots from the main formation via the excellent Crop Circle Ground Shots on Facebook.

The Croppie managed to get to the formation during the following week. Besides getting some ground shots, he had the pleasure of bumping into another croppie, Chris, who was recording a video of the crop circle using his drone. As you can see, visitors had made parts of it look a little worse for wear.

One point of interest from The Croppie’s ground shots is how the plants in the smaller circle seem to have been re-flattened.