Are you a circle maker who can’t keep quiet? Short of a few quid? Why not attempt to sell your soiled, dirty, crop circle construction diagrams on Facebook and other friendly outlets? In doing so, why not destroy the magic of those beautiful crop circles you spent so long creating?

Amongst the collection of designs are some that have appeared since The Croppie went online, many of which have already been called out on these pages — not all, though. So, what’s now in the hoax category?

Fonthill Down, Chicklade

From 2017, the lovely, delicate flower that appeared at Fonthill Down, near Chicklade, has been ruined. A real shame as it was one of The Croppie’s favourites from the current season.

From 2015, we have an assortment of woes.

Fox Ground Down

Clearbury Ring

Maiden Castle

And from 2014:

Gussage St. Andrew

Hod Hill

Wilmington Long Man

Ackling Dyke

Target Wood, 2017. A copyright is attached to this image. So the circle maker is admitting his involvement in causing criminal damage to a farmer’s crop. Incredible.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the circle maker in question has seen fit to shout about what he has made. In 2010 he even tipped off researcher Eva Marie Brekkesto about a circle that had not yet appeared at Stonehenge.

No amount of money gained during this year’s escapade — which amounts to no more than treating the public as dumb — can compensate for destroyed magic. He may suggest the crop circle phenomenon is on its last legs, but there is far more to it than just one individual. He needs to remember this.

N.B. As of 7 July, the diagrams have been withdrawn from sale. 

Lead photograph by the Crop Circle Connector.