Crop Circle Wisdom is a curious den of speculation and innuendo. It recently published a graphic suggesting circle makers work for the Crop Circle Connector ‘boss’. It also implicates the Connector in supplying designs to circle makers.

Knowing the geography of the crop circle heartlands, The Croppie is confused as to why any circle maker would need to report three of the four formations in the graphic. The formation under the Cherhill White Horse (bottom left) was visible from the A4, just outside of Calne. The Waden Hill formation (top left) loomed over Avebury and was unmissable. The Croppie expects the Boreham Wood (top centre) circle to have been just as ‘in your face’ when coming down the busy minor road from East Kennett. Let’s not forget that once upon a time, the overwhelming majority of crop circles were discovered by members of the public either by accident or through shrewd observation. It is cynical to believe this no longer happens.

As for circle makers working on designs supplied by the Connector, is there any evidence of this?

No, because it doesn’t happen. Once again, The Croppie is reminded of the words of Crop Circles Anonymous from 2014:

Crop circles appear as and where they will. Nobody controls them … They are unauthored, unclaimed, untethered from any individual or agenda. As crop circles should be.

There’s no need to write anything else on the matter.