Reported: 2 August 2017
Location: Chitterne, Wiltshire
Lead photograph: unknown


Following a disappointingly quiet July for circles, August has begun with some intrigue. Steve Alexander shared an image of this new formation; a photo sent to him by an unnamed third party.

Alexander accompanied it with some interesting comments suggesting the Crop Circle Connector decide what is and what isn’t a crop circle:

Allegedly, someone is sending false information to the [Crop Circle Connector] to upset Julian [Gibsone] and Matthew Williams. This particular circle is supposed to be low on quality, and it seems the [Crop Circle Connector] have taken this as an intentional report to lead them to a rather disappointing formation. Interestingly this formation is in a military danger zone, and the drone operators who arrived and took photos, decided not to release them. No information was released to the public regarding this formation so that individuals could make their own minds up. Seems like the [Crop Circle Connector] and co are judge and jury on these matters.

As far as The Croppie is concerned, a crop circle is a crop circle and so it’s included here.