Roland Beljon has posted videos from the Night of Crop Circling event he ran at the Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes in early August 2017. Here are four of the best!

James Hussey
Circles friendly farmer James Hussey outlines his own encounters with crop circles. He goes on to highlight the Brighter Futures charity and the fantastic work it does for people with cancer in the Swindon area.

Michael Glickman
Venom, bile, spittle, calls for certain folk to be cast out … it must be time for Michael Glickman!
Note:The person referred to with regard to the Bythorn Mandala is Julian Richardson, now a sand artist.

Lucy Pringle
Old-schooler Lucy Pringle on how she’s brought her circles research into the 21st century.

The laid back Dutch croppie stumbles his way through karma, taxation and the meaning of crop circles. Sheer genius.