The Croppie is so preoccupied with the English crop circle season that he doesn’t pay too much attention to what is going on overseas. However, a sprinkling of circles have appeared on foreign shores so far in 2017. You’ll notice that there are no mentions of the crop circles appearing in The Netherlands, close to the home of troubled paranormalist Robbert van den Broeke. They have something of a unique style, if you catch The Croppie‘s drift! If you want to learn about those, click here.

2 June: Crézancy-en-Sancerre, France

Photograph by Victor-Julien Boudou.

18 June: Viex Lixheim, Sarrebourg, Moselle, France

27 June: Delley-Portalban, Broye, Canton Fribourg, Switzerland

Photograph by Peter Hoffman.

27 June: Milena Bogdanov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Photograph credit unknown.

29 June: Bialystok, Poland

Photo credit unknown.