Reported: 8 May 2018
Location: Willoughby Hedge, near West Knoyle, Wiltshire
Lead photograph by Clandestine Esoterical Mysterious Universe
The Croppie has spoken at length about a circle maker who just can’t keep quiet about what they’ve made. On this occasion they would have been better served by forgetting about this one. Instead, they posted photos of their circle making equipment before the deed, and now have posted a photograph on their Clandestine Esoterical (is that even a word?) Mysterious Universe Facebook page. And not for the first time have they have kept the location quiet, presumably so it can be photographed by others before the farmer learns of it. Such a shame the 2018 season has kicked off with this miserable creation.

Update (9.5.18): The location, as predicted, has been disclosed following publication of photographs on the Crop Circle Connector. There is a message for readers on how the crop circle phenomenon works.

To be fair, the formation looks a little better in more shadowy light conditions; it appears to be something resembling a pond skater insect.