What’s a crop circle season without a good conspiracy theory? Last year it was a photographer supposedly submitting hoaxed crop circle reports to the Crop Circle Connector. For 2018 we have the folks at Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ alleging not just a media blackout surrounding the recent formation at Hackpen Hill, but a ‘MEDIA BLACKOUT’! Capital letters and all! Here’s the tale:

The new arrival of not the usual standard of quality designs has been stamped into a field of barley at Hackpen Hill. A regular annual event where Paul Jacobs from the CGI Group tends to stand guard and collect an entry fee into the field with the addition of selling the very usual stale stories that its not man made !
This year however, the not so professional circle makers, rather prematurely created a design with some very noticeable errors within their crop circle design. Also they probably  didn’t anticipate that their creation was going to be given the silent treatment. Basically lets not announce the Hackpen Hill crop circle arrival until Paul Jacobs arrives in his yellow van and begins to cash in for the farmer.

It’s quite the ‘MEDIA BLACKOUT’ given this formation has been reported, together with accompanying photographs, across social media. The only notable exception is the Crop Circle Connector, the most popular circles site in the world.

This is likely incorrect. The construction line upon which the four satellite circles sit is probably okay. The reason it may seem wonky in the photograph (within the satellite circles) is because the crop here has been flattened over it. In the top left, the construction line seems ‘off’ because of the gap of the tramline. However, the error of ‘not keeping the tape taught and straight at all times’ seems to be a go to explanation for Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’. The real problem seems to be that one of the circles on this ring has been misaligned, pure and simple.

The Croppie understands that, yes, farmer James Hussey has asked that the Connector holds off on reporting the circle until Paul Jacobs is able to arrive and supervise paid admission to the formation. As Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ acknowledges, Mr Hussey will donate the collected money to the Brighter Futures cancer charity.

Unfortunately for Mr Hussey, the sign he erected asking people not to enter the field had, as of 12 June, been pulled down. The Croppie saw people entering the formation and taking photographs when passing by in the early evening. It’s a shame as it is a good charity missing out on money, rather than the farmer.

The truth of the matter is; as the crop circle at Hackpen Hill is created in barley – if Mr.Hussey banned all visitors from entering his field then the crop would recover and bounce back up with a very minuscule damage. Barley is one horticultural plant which has an excellent recovery rate, if left alone and allowed to recover, in most cases the crop bounces back up and in some cases which I have seen over the years – the crop circle can sometimes even appear to vanish. This of course depends at what stage in growth the barley has reached. Very young Barley has a 90% bounce back up rate –  as the crop matures the percentage gradually drops.

So, Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ seems to believe that another reason for the ‘MEDIA BLACKOUT’ that never was is to preserve the crop. This is laughable. Once access is formally allowed to the circle the footfall of visitors will invariably trample the crop. And that crop will be older than when it was originally pressed down by the circle makers, meaning it is more likely to stay down. So what’s the point here?

[Researcher] Gary King reports the Hackpen Hill formation of the 9th of June 2018 but how did he know it was there ?

It will be a miracle if anyone driving down the road from Rockley to Broad Hinton from first light didn’t see it.

If you haven’t clicked by now, allow me to explain to you that Hackpen Hill formations are cash generating ventures. There is no if’s or but’s – its a FACT !

The implication of this ‘fact’ is that farmer Hussey is somehow in on the creation of circles at Hackpen Hill. The Croppie would be stunned if this was the case. Remember, the field is Mr Hussey’s. If he sees fit he can allow paid access, free access or no access at all.