It wasn’t too long ago that The Croppie wrote on the remarkable accusations coming from the Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ website about the first Hackpen Hill circle of 2018. Now that a second has appeared it seems Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ is doing his very best to deter potential visitors with ridiculous talk of demonic imagery. Read on and try not to snicker too much.

Intense? Much? God fearing wackiness? Yes. To be fair, we’ve been here before. Let’s mull over a few things.

First, how does Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ know the two circles were made by the very one and the same circle maker who apparently worships the Devil and possibly sacrifices children? Isn’t this 2018 we’re living in and not the dark ages? Will we be erecting a pyre to watch him burn once he has been subjected to the ducking stool?

Second, Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ says

the circle maker in question thought he was incredibly clever by being the first to whack a formation down before the top artist who patiently waited for the crop to reach appropriate maturity, could arrive and then put one down, but NO NO he threw his toys out of the pram and had to be the first !!

What is that supposed to mean? The photos of the formation reveal the crop to have been a perfectly workable stage of development. So where has this stuff about it being immature come from? And who is this mysterious ‘top artist’ and how does Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ know said individual was going to target this field?

Just when you thought the barley was mature enough to work in, Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ has declared otherwise. Photograph by the Crop Circle Connector.

Third, it is highly unlikely that Paul Jacobs of CGI ‘persuaded’ farmer David White to open up the second circle to visitors. Rather, Mr White is the neighbour of farmer Hussey, who owns the field in which the first circle was sat. Gossip was circulating at the end of the 2017 season that Mr White had somewhat mellowed towards the crop circle phenomenon.

Finally, all of this talk of demonic and strangely contradictory ‘middle eastern religious symbology’ in the second circle. The Croppie sees a Pagan pentacle nesting within two crescents. The crescents are not exclusive to Islam; they can also be used to represent the moon and the goddess within Pagan practice. Let’s also not forget the second circle appeared just a couple of days after the summer solstice. It certainly doesn’t seem very demonic in the eyes of The Croppie.

So, does Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ actually believe this stuff or is this just another attempt to trying and put people off from visiting the Hackpen Hill circles to satisfy his own superstitions?

Lead photograph by Nick Bull