Reported: 7 July 2018
Location: Martinsell Hill, nr Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire
Lead photograph by Nick Bull

To quote croppie Miles Challett, ‘Christ on a bike!’ You’ve got to feel for farmer David Butler. He wakes up to find a large crop circle on his land and at least one drone hovering over it. The circle is then cut out. No surprise.

Just how did these drone users know the circle was there at such an early hour?

The answer is simple: the Crop Circle Connector were tipped off by the circle makers, something that the website’s representative Matthew Williams has openly admitted. Fair enough. But to then run down Mr Butler on the Report A Crop Circle Formation Facebook page for cutting out the circle is hardly going to build bridges with the Wiltshire farming community, is it? The Croppie is amazed circle makers actually thought they would be able to put something down in the Vale of Pewsey and not expect to see it get mown!

It’s disappointing that it seems to be all about getting the photographs for the Connector and crowing ‘we won’ when a farmer is rightfully upset. What happened to the days when the Crop Circle Connector used to offer at least a semblance of sympathy towards the farmers whose crops had been flattened? (Actually, if it’s all about the photos then why is Mr Williams even upset?) But, then again, employing a convicted circle maker with a history of making inflammatory comments towards farmers (and racist comments towards the likes of photographer Hugh Newman) is a big indicator of what the Connector has become.

Furthermore, it is ripe for Mr Williams to complain about the mowing. Let’s not forget Mr Williams was named by farmer Josh Carson as a primary reason he was cutting out circles in the Alton Barnes area!

More on the Banksy comparison — and why it is far from correct — in the not too distant future.