The Croppie has been intrigued to see fingers wrongly pointed in this direction as to the creators of the Longwood Warren hoax of 2018. Even more intriguing is the analysis of the circle from Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’. It was ‘cocked up’. Such certainty. Let’s remember this circle was apparently made as an ‘exclusive’ for photographer and circle making gang ‘master’ Steve Alexander for his conference that wasn’t taking place for a few more weeks or anywhere near Longwood Warren. That’s how the story goes, not that there is any proof to back it. But, given how these days it’s Crop Circle Connector and friends versus Steve Alexander, we will excuse¬†Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ a hefty amount of bias.

Okay, let’s start with the four blue arrows. Are these supposed to show a north, south, east, west type alignment as to where the petals should be? If so, it doesn’t matter if the formation was completely and impossibly flawless. It still wouldn’t align. Four doesn’t go into nine.

Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ is right that some of the petals are more rounded than others on their vertices. Look in any other circle and you will find similar inconsistencies which can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from a dragging foot to a drill line and patchy crop. More on that in a bit.

Now, the suggestion the petals are of different sizes. Perhaps there is a bit of confusion caused by the tramlines here. The Croppie has placed a guide circle over the top of the image and the results speak for themselves…

Let’s move on to the next image…

Ignoring what is already shown to be nonsense about the petal sizes, let’s start in the bottom left. Yes, Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ is correct. These are construction lines. Not too sure what the problem is here. Now, onto the suggestion the petals should have been bigger. The Croppie really cannot see how anybody beyond the makers could make a truly informed call as to whether a mistake was made and all the petals were reduced in size. It’s conjecture. Guess work being passed off as fact.

Now that we have a good idea of the Longwood Warren hoax, let’s compare it to another hoax. This one is from 15, sorry, 14 July at Moncombe Hill in Somerset. Oddly, Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ was crowing about what is undoubtedly a beautiful circle:

With years of experience this is how the professionals do it. Barely a mistake visible – if at all. Carefully planned and executed with precision.

So who are the makers? Are they the same individuals that Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ suspects? Possibly, ‘the Master’? (No! This is another ‘master’, not Steve Alexander!) Given how Miles Challett noted the plan for this circle had been on a publicly open Instagram account since May, the answer is likely very different. Plus this whole professional circle maker nonsense has been examined before.

Now, let’s look at those same alleged mistakes from Longwood Warren and see if they can be spotted in the Muncombe Hill formation. Well, whaddya know?

This isn’t a criticism of this formation’s makers. The Muncombe Hill circle is one of the season’s best, whether hoaxed or otherwise. No formation is perfect. Take a look at two damn fine circles and see what supposed mistakes, by Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’‘s standards, are inside them:

Look closely enough at any crop circle and you will find it contains inconsistencies. Other than the style variation between the Muncombe Hill and the Longwood Warren hoaxes, the major difference is that one fits the agenda of Crop Circle ‘Wisdom’ and the other doesn’t.