It’s competition time over on Facebook! One particular circle maker is looking to give away an ‘ear of wheat’ and ‘the original plans’ to a crop circle he hoaxed this summer.

It’s easy to enter too. Even The Croppie is having a go, like all the other supposed amateur circle makers. So, what’s the deal?

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Oh, The Croppie is so sociable.

What was your favourite formation of 2018?

Do you really need to know? And what does it have to do with anything? Is this just a way, as has been put to The Croppie, for this circle maker to massage his own ego?

Okay then, if you really want to know, it was the misshapen circle at Pancake Plantation. Why? Its maker didn’t have the need to shout about what he or she had made to anyone who would listen. They weren’t so desperate for adoration that they were looking to sell their plans or give them away in a competition. They didn’t include tired old jokes like the FOJ symbol in their designs. They didn’t wander around squawking they’re an artist. They kept quiet.

Post a diagram + logistics of a workable crop formation of your own design.

Okay. Here it is: O

The radius can be whatever you choose. With regard to logistics, the art begins when you leave the field. Keep quiet and you have a genuine crop circle.

Good luck.


At time of writing, beyond The Croppie‘s entry there have been zero others. That may change, but have a read of some of these revealing comments. (And to think we all thought Thomas Anderson was an 8th level ascended light worker with a specialism of tapping energy points atop various peaks in the south west of England.)

Wil Russell understands more than anyone:

Here’s a tip, present/keep no evidence (so you don’t get arrested) and don’t claim anything, it spoils the art. It’ll sink in eventually.

The Croppie doesn’t share Wil’s optimism.