Reported: 25 May 2019
Location: Chesterton Farm, Cirencester, Cheltenham
Lead photograph by Nick Bull

Gloucestershire is always good for at least one bizarre circle each year and 2019 is no disappointment. This smiling, cycloptic egg is the latest. More of a small disturbance amongst the stems of immature wheat than anything sizeable, the egg and its sibling sit mournfully just off an agricultural track near Cirencester. The Croppie could not resist taking the opportunity to visit such vaguely-circular marvels and capture some ground shots.

In all seriousness, were these small pieces the work of a new circle maker? If this is the case, remember that even the most legendary circle makers of all time had to start somewhere. Alternatively, are these circles a deliberate real life trolling attempt to waste the time of photographer Nick Bull who made the effort to travel to them? Or, perhaps, this is the genuine phenomenon and The Croppie is too bloody minded to accept it?