The Croppie recently discussed the statement released by Colin Andrews as to the origins of the iconic crop circle that appeared at Crabwood in 2002. As expected, this wasn’t to be the final part of the story:

  1. Crop Circle Wisdom has produced an interesting, decent piece of research pointing the finger of responsibility to a circle making team that has, until now, done a great job of hiding their identity in plain sight. Away from the article though, there is no evidence to address Andrews’s claim the formation was commissioned by Disney.
  2. There seems to have been some discussion online as to who Andrews was referring to when he wrote ‘I spoke with one of the “Circlemakers” (Name on file) team’ with regard to the creation of the Crabwood formation. At least one member of – an outfit commonly referred to as ‘Circlemakers’ has denied any such conversation took place. Dare The Croppie suggest any confusion or ambiguity would have been avoided if Andrews had been more careful with his choice of words, single quote marks and a capital letter?