It has been a bad season for the circle maker turned photographer who has launched his own website in an attempt to rival the Crop Circle Connector. Initial smugness has turned to buttock clenching rage and despair. Of the two pieces of ‘exclusive’ man made land art he’s featured so far, one was underwhelming and the other’s ‘secret location’ located by the Connector within 24 hours. Then he went and demonstrated his own failure to grasp geometry when analysing the recent circle at Danebury Hillfort. Just as it seemed it couldn’t get worse for this poor soul, 4 July brought with it a new circle on the Connector and, in response, a series of abusive social media posts from said photographer. Most stunning of all was the special edition of CirclemakersTV he hosted on YouTube at 8pm, a three hour epic of an alcohol fueled, toddler style meltdown packed with endless profanity and a series of unsupported claims and allegations. We learned:

  • He was bullied at school (an excuse to justify his behaviour).

  • He feels he’s being bullied now. (Funny how he’s always the victim – especially given his shameful track record towards Monique Klinkenbergh and the racist abuse leveled at photographer Hugh Newman.)

  • All of the circles on the Crop Circle Connector in 2019 have apparently been made by one team he calls Team Shite’Un.

  • The alleged identities of two Team Shite’Un members, together with a third circle maker.

  • Team Shite’Un sent apparently fake circle reports to the photographer in an attempt to make him cry. They even tried to get him to drive to Oxfordshire to see a tiny, simple circle.

  • Team Shite’Un cut him out of the loop when it came to reporting new crop circles. They did this for no reason other than being wicked, wicked people.

  • Said photographer is desperately sad the Connector posted the work of another photographer before his own across the 2018 season. He feels stabbed in the back by the Connector, their photographers, Team Shite’Un and anyone else who has ever not done what he’s wanted.

  • His nickname is Man Baby.

  • He has a mug.

  • He’s tempted to go out and make a crop circle himself.

  • He is considering stepping back from crop circle photography. (Yeah, yeah.)

More certain are the following:

  • It was toe curling and cringeworthy to watch a man nearing 50 years of age, alone in his bedroom, admittedly ‘over emotional’, drunk, putting snuff up his nostrils, throwing insults and close to tears over some flattened plants.

  • His attempt to control the 2019 season has, to date, been a failure. We’ve been here beforeā€¦ one person or organisation can not control what crop circles appear and when.

  • The meltdown cost him a handful of subscribers.

  • It was car crash viewing.

  • He still goes out and films the crop circles he derides.

  • If flattened barley and wheat are ruining your life – and you’re not a farmer – then it’s time to step back and consider whether there’s more to life.

By the end of the following day the video had disappeared from YouTube. Perhaps the video was reported and removed, or maybe he realised what a fool he had made of himself the night before.