You have to feel a little twang of pity for the circle maker turned photographer who, this year, has attempted to take on the Crop Circle Connector with his rival website. He recently endured a huge live-streamed meltdown over the way he believes he’s been stabbed in the back by the Connector, its photographers and other circle makers. Just days ago, on 13 July, his birthday, the eternal victim returned to YouTube to embark upon another ridiculous adventure filled with pain, woe and self-pity. Over three days it has unfolded through a clutch of videos, rants and scathing Facebook posts. The full story — or at least what can be made of it — can now be told.

Our intrepid hero and one of his closest land artist allies had allegedly been employed, at a cost of £1500 each, by a Chinese television company to construct a circle with the help of two Chinese celebrities. A major snag was the chosen location: East Field in Alton Priors, Wiltshire, a location farmed by Tim Carson. It is fair to say that the Carsons and our hero have endured a rocky relationship through the years with the latter holding Tim and his family responsible for the death of a friend.

Despite his reservations, the photographer agreed to go along with the plan. However, in the days leading up to the event he was contacted by the land artist to be told Tim Carson would not tolerate our hero working on his property.

Unhappy, the photographer rejected a £300 payoff, arguing that he wanted full payment of £1500. He also expected the land artist to fall in line and refuse to make the circle in solidarity with him. Neither would be forthcoming. Instead, he chose to spend an evening ranting on YouTube and disrupted the making of the circle by illegally flying his drone within 50m of the crew and storming the field a little like Michael Stone at a Republican funeral. Whilst the grenades were locked away, he dimwittedly chose to throw fireworks in a field of maturing crop. Thankfully the plants failed to ignite, thereby saving Wiltshire Fire and Rescue from a trip to the Vale of Pewsey.

The upshot of this event is the photographer and land artist have parted company on acrimonious terms with the usual insults from the former. The circle itself, unsurprisingly, isn’t the best (to say it mildly) but it’s hardly surprising. The production team must have found the whole event totally bizarre.

From the numerous YouTube rants we have also learned:

A member of the production crew wondered if the photographer was married to his dog.

Members of the production crew allegedly picked up stones to throw at the photographer’s drone. There’s no evidence to support this claim.

Some viewers believe the clearly unhappy photographer should find a new hobby. So does The Croppie.