Reported: 23rd July 2019
Location: Windwhistle Lane, West Grimstead, Wiltshire
Lead photograph by Nick Bull

Is this the circle that causes another meltdown in Market Lavington?

A version of this circle — albeit with five appendages — appeared a few weeks back in an undisclosed location. Photographs were restricted to one individual who was attempting to rival the Crop Circle Connector with his own website featuring land art from a collective of artists. Less than seven days ago the Connector discovered the circle, or what little was left of it after the farmer had cut it out.

Now, near Pepperbox Hill in Wiltshire, the same circle maker has returned with this variation. Disappointingly, the Connector have attempted to pass it off as genuine. If only the people who ran that website were as decent as their photographers.

Photograph by The Hampshire Flyer.