On 15 September photographer Nick Bull released footage of a ‘ghost’ formation at an unstated location. See for yourself:

Joining the dots, this circle is almost certainly the one created by Matthew Williams and a former land artist friend of his to demonstrate their skills for a Chinese television company. In the subsequent days the pair had something of a bust-up, leading to Williams’s spectacular ‘East Field Armageddon’ meltdown.

Who, me?

The Croppie had heard that the formation was supposed to be of an archetypal grey alien head. Indeed, this certainly seems to be the case, yet the misshapen eyes render it somewhat closer to a celestial goldfish wearing a crown. Actually, that’s a little unfair. The fish above doesn’t have eyes on the side of its head. It’s more like a tui chub viewed from the front…

You’re famous, little dude!

No wonder the location of this circle was kept secret! You have to ask yourself, how were the Chinese television company not deterred by this monstrosity?