Maybe land artist Dene has reason to be concerned?

The pixels hadn’t even settled on the Top of the Croppies 2019 piece when a new installment of the Matthew Williams versus Dene soap opera dropped onto YouTube. Still smarting from having been betrayed by his former friend and missing out on £1500 to produce a crop circle for Chinese television, Williams says he’s going to auction off footage of Dene illegally making ‘crop circle’.

The Croppie knows what you’re thinking… Will he? Won’t he? Does the footage even exist? Was it of Ansty which was all above board? Or was it the terrible grey alien that resembled a fish?

But just why would Williams go through the auction process when the supposedly incriminating footage could just as easily be handed over to the constabulary? The answer is, of course, money. However, The Croppie doesn’t really see who will be buying. What’s an angry farmer going to gain beyond the hassles involved in a potential prosecution?

It’s tough to think this is anything else than an indirect attempt by Williams to extort some financial ‘compensation’ from Dene. You know, place him in the purgatory of uncertainty unless he parts with some cash. However, money isn’t everything in this world. Williams might come out with some credit from those of us watching this situation if he acts more charitably and moves on. But hey ho…