Long overdue in being shared on The Croppie, here are the videos from Roland Beljon’s Night of Crop Circling at the Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes from 1 July 2018.
Nancy Polet talks ‘Crop Circles and Transformation’. Ooh!
Nina Elshof talks about her own experiences and the weirdness attached to the ‘swallows’ formation in South Field, 2008. Well worth watching.

It’s Joanna Emery talking offering her Canadian perspective on crop circles.

A full year before she was up on the slopes of Woodborough Hill with known hoaxers, Monique Klinkenbergh presented this jolly snapshot of her Crop Circle Information Centre.
Facepalm time! Johnny Webb on the case for the authenticity of Robbert van den Broeke’s ‘paranormal’ events. Give the man time. He’ll learn.
Roland Beljon interviews ufologist, musician and conspiracy type bod Dr Coen Vermeeren on his experiences with crop circles.