2020 is proving itself to be the weirdest year of the 21st century so far. By weird, The Croppie means end of days type stuff: a Prime Minister rising from his hospital bed on Easter Sunday, nobody knowing what day of the week it is, fruit rotting in the fields, and lefties agreeing with Piers Morgan. Amidst this insanity the ‘alternative archaeologist’ and ‘megalithic maiden’ JJ Ainsworth has recently reminded us that crop circles are still a thing:

Yesterday … I took a leisurely exercise walk to Stonehenge, and during our stroll it dawned on me that his coronavirus effect may unfortunately slim down the amount of crop circles we see this year. [Wiltshire] is usually a hotbed for this type of ‘land art’, and so I’m very intrigued to research the ones that do spring into existence. I know many hardcore people that insist every crop circle is a genuine mystery, and these people also generally lean towards the art being messages created with help from up above, or created by gaia herself. I believe most are created by humans, and if this is so, then it seems there will be many less beautiful creations for us to gaze upon and ponder about. I’m a bit sad about this as sometimes a little mystery can help keep life exciting. Let the circle making begin!

Quite. Such thoughts areĀ at the forefront of the mind right now as oil seed rape fields are in full bloom and just days away from becoming a tempting canvas for the circle making force.

If the humans aren’t circle making, will Gaia lend a hand? Will the aliens chip in? Will a plasma vortex suddenly manifest close to a hill?

Let’s see what unfolds although, as things stand, don’t expect to gain access to any circles which do appear.