The Croppie is saddened to have learned of the death of croppie, researcher and author Michael Glickman. He is reported by ‘Journeys With Soul’ on Facebook to have passed away with his sons at his side. He lived in the Vale of Pewsey, the emotional heart of crop circle country.

A former architect, Glickman visited his first crop circle in 1990 and used his understanding of geometry to deconstruct the most complicated of formations. He rapidly establish himself as a leading member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies.

Glickman was renown for his uncompromising views on the origin of crop circles, believing them to be a genuine mystery. Indeed, he once stated ‘the delight in the crop circles is in the not knowing’. This perspective would often lead him into conflict with known circle makers, particularly the shamelessly self-publicising Matthew Williams. However, Glickman is best known for his role in the investigation of the 1993 mandala-type formation at Bythorn, Cambridgeshire. Julian Richardson claimed to have been responsible though Glickman issued a strong rebuttal during an extraordinary meeting of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies, questioning Richardson’s understanding of the geometry and mathematical concepts. From time to time Glickman’s outspoken views could also lead him into heartfelt tussles with his fellow cerealogists. This made him a popular writer with a number of circles themed outlets including Swirled News and The Cerealogist.

Whether spiky in his dealings with perceived opponents, or enthusing himself over the geometry hidden within new circles, Glickman truly believed in the mystery of the circles. His perspective will be sorely missed.

If you are keen to learn more of Glickman’s views then The Croppie recommends both Michael’s blog and fantastic book The Bones of God.