It may be LAND ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE Dene who STOLE THE HEARTS of Britain’s CELESTIAL KEYWORKERS with his PERFECT TRIBUTE to them, but your SOARAWAY CROPPIE can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL Team Clandestine has recruited a second member; a TALENTED STUDENT whose own work IS UP THERE with that of his KINDLY MENTOR.

Always armed with a TASTY packet of Space Raiders in his rucksack in case he GETS HUNGRY ON THE JOB, Dene’s DEDICATED SIDEKICK is showing himself to be even HOTTER PROPERTY with a pair of compasses than his idol. Within the last few weeks the GIFTED NEWBIE has produced two STUNNING VIDEOS showcasing his GORGEOUS CROP CIRCLE DESIGNS for 2020:

An ANONYMOUS INSIDER within the Team Clandestine camp reached out to your LEADING SOURCE OF CROP CIRCLE NEWS to reveal his delight. But underneath the joy he expressed caution that whilst things between the CLOSE-KNIT LAND ARTISTS are TIGHTER THAN A VICE at the moment, the harmony may be headed to a MESSY CONCLUSION.

‘Dene’s lucky to have this guy sign up,’ said the mole, ‘the lad’s been chomping at the bit to get out on the field of play and show what he can do for a big crowd. He’s like a nodding dog chasing a bone. He’s so keen he even dedicated one of his best finishes to his captain. Deney took him into the bar after and gave him a bowlful from his pint of Tribute to return the favour.’

The big finish: the talented team-member’s glowing tribute brought tears to his captain’s eyes.

However, the ANONYMOUS INSIDER questioned whether the DREAM TEAM will be able to operate beyond the end of the season. An ACRIMONIOUS SPLIT could be ahead. ‘What worries me, and we’ve seen this before, is that when the new signing is up there with the star it can cause a lot of friction. Egos get worn down very easily.

‘I hope I’m wrong but it’s a worry that things won’t end well. We’ve seen this before with Deney; he’s the number one here and deservedly so. He built Team Clandestine into what it is today. But first there was Tel who left, then it was Matty. We don’t even know what happened to the other guys in that National Geographic photo.

‘But this new lad’s real good, easily better than those four. Every time he gets his foot on the board you can feel something’s gonna happen. Give him a chance and he’ll take it. I think he’ll be bringing home the trophies.’

Asked whether the SENASTIONAL SIGNING could also be the key to bringing Team Clandestine the money, fame and adulation it CLEARLY AND RIGHTFULLY DESERVES, the insider responded coyly: ‘The new boy has got a big future ahead of him. That’s all I’ll say. Give him time and he could be on television getting free rides in a helicopter and kissing Monique. He’s working with the master now.’