Lead photograph by The Hampshire Flyer

The increasingly odd Matthew Williams likes to remind the world he’s a former circle maker. He’s ‘got tenure,’ remember. Therefore he’s probably very qualified to explain the apparently ‘shabby state’ of the recent Dorset crop circle:

Ooooh. Someone seems a tad bitter and is throwing mud around in the hope some of it sticks.

You don’t make crop circles in barley when the heads are drooping over as it makes for a real mess.

Sorry. Did The Croppie say Williams was well qualified? Perhaps time out of the fields, the drugs or the assortment of lies he’s woven have combined to distort his memory. Or maybe he’s just happy to give his viewers duff information, because Williams — as ever — is talking nonsense.

Shortly after the head of a barley plant has fully emerged it will begin to droop. It’s caused by a magical combination of factors including the weight of the head and a force called gravity. (The Croppie knows you can’t see gravity, Matthew, but it does exist.) It is only once this stage of crop maturity has been reached that you can expect a downwards force to flatten the plant without it springing back up in a short period of time. So there you have it: pretty much every crop circle to have appeared in barley was formed at a time when the heads were in the process of dropping, as in the case of the Dorset formation.

To illustrate the point, examine the crop in the Dorset circle:


Photograph by the Hampshire Flyer.

Compare the appearance of the standing crop to that found in the recent Wiltshire formation, believed to be near Potterne, that was originally made public and filmed on the morning of its appearance by none other than Williams:

What do you notice? The heads of the plants are drooping over. If you think this is a case of The Croppie being selective, just examine photographs of pretty much any crop circle found in barley and you’ll see exactly the same thing.

One can only wonder what nonsense Williams is going to come out with next. Perhaps he’ll drive around Wiltshire all night to confront people legally making a crop circle? Maybe he’ll livestream for two and half hours whilst crying about the bullying he experienced at school. Oh, wait up … these have already occurred.