The Croppie is highly amused to read a piece in The Salisbury Journal of 11 June reporting the discovery of a ‘mysterious’ formation seen from the escarpment above Pewsey. The man who discovered the formation, Charles Nash, also provided his own image of the circle.

So, what is this great discovery?

Well, well, it’s the NHS tribute circle that’s still being spammed everywhere by its creator under various guises including Richard Pitman, Ultra Visitation and a couple of continental photographers. How do we know it’s the creator responsible? Mr Nash’s photograph is exactly the same one that first appeared in the Clandestine Esoteric Mysterious Universe group on Facebook.

As for the location being Pewsey, eyes in the area tell The Croppie it isn’t under the hill close to the village.

So what’s this all about? It’s attention seeking. An attempt by the creator to get his work noticed. Given this individual’s dislike of the ‘mystery’ around crop circles it’s ridiculously hypocritical to see ‘Charles Nash’ playing the alien card.

More fool the editors of The Salisbury Journal to uncritically print this story.