Lead photograph by Nick Bull

Just days after whining on Facebook about the analysis of that NHS and keyworker tribute pseudo-circle by this ‘shitty blog’, the legendary Team Clandestine returned to Dorest to reclaim the fields of Sixpenny Handley as their own. They needn’t have bothered as the farmer hosting another recent circle (you know, the one described as a ‘cookie cutter’, ‘recycled’ and a ‘manhole cover’) had taken the blades of his combine to it, but those land art greats just couldn’t resist. If they held even a modicum of self-respect they’d have kept quiet as what they slopped down was a poorly surveyed, messy, wildly inaccurate sibling to the pseudo-circle that had sat in almost the exactly same place just two years previously.

Yes, that’s right. From this…

Photograph by the Crop Circle Connector

To this…

Photograph by Droning On

A clear case of recycling, though one wit suggested the new pseudo-circle is reminscent of a waste disposal unit. This really can’t be the case as the blades in such a device tend to be of a more uniform size. Nonetheless, the harsh realities of the wonky star didn’t prevent the usual suspects from spamming this new thing all over social media. Come on now people, there is such a thing as quality control.

Things became weird on the morning of 22 June when photographer Nick Bull visited Sixpenny Handley only to discover the pseudo-circle had been defaced.

The trashed pseudo-circle. Photograph by Nick Bull

Nobody seems able to decide who was responsible. If it was the farmer then fair enough. Gossip on Facebook names Team Clandestine as the alleged perpetrators, either because they were rightly embarrassed by the mess they’d left behind, or they didn’t want any other photographers to get snaps of their masterpiece. The Croppie really has no idea who was responsible, so readers should avoid jumping to conclusions. If, however, they did trash the pseudo-circle, the farmer certainly isn’t going to be very happy. However, he or she probably won’t be very fond of the mess Team Clandestine left behind to begin with.